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Salesforce text message integrationWhat an Ultimate Salesforce Text Message Integration Looks Like

With a channel like an email, users might face communication delays as people are less likely to open emails these days. 

And with calls, calling agents might have to make several calls to connect with a customer if someone is busy. 

This is where text messaging fills the communications gap and ensures sure-shot viewership to messages due to the highest open rate. This compels users to look for the best Salesforce apps for messaging.

Salesforce texting has become an integral part of business communications due to its effectiveness and the value it provides to a business. 

But the availability of too many texting channels and texting apps for Salesforce might confuse potential users and they might get lost.

So, there are certain capabilities that newbies should expect from an ideal Salesforce SMS integration to narrow down their search as Salesforce default SMS sending capability is not available.

This should help to get the best texting capabilities that help to succeed on any texting platform in the business.

So let’s find out what an ultimate Salesforce text message integration looks like.

Why Improving Current Salesforce Text Message Integration is Essential?

Business needs are dynamic. Sometimes you will have to collect data at scale, and sometimes, you will have to get into one-on-one SMS messaging in Salesforce to resolve customer queries faster. 

So, sticking to just the bare minimum might limit your Salesforce SMS messaging capabilities to just receiving and sending SMS from Salesforce.

Besides, you will also need more freedom to perform text operations yourself. This is only possible when you have greater control over configuration and customization through point-and-click.

So, self-sufficiency while performing text operations, quick turnarounds, and cost-efficiency are a few aspects of true Salesforce text message integration.

What should you Expect from an Ultimate Salesforce Text Message Integration?

1) Faster Integration

  • Integration in Minutes

The Salesforce SMS API integration can be a time-consuming process due to coding work. 

Conversely, Salesforce text message integration through the AppExchange SMS app for Salesforce is comparatively less time-consuming and quick, as the entire process hardly takes 5-10 minutes. 

And this is something you should expect from an ideal Salesforce text message integration.

2) Scalability

  • Salesforce Bulk Messaging from Reports and Phone Number Management

Scalability is an essential factor for faster text operations. So, scalable communications should be top of mind so you can send text from Salesforce in bulk. 

You can connect to millions in one go, reducing the turnarounds for Salesforce SMS marketing. 

Besides, true Salesforce texting integration should support Salesforce mass texting using customizable lists and campaigns to allow you to choose the right Salesforce bulk SMS messaging routine depending on the requirement.

Consistent sender identity plays a vital role in driving customer responses. 

You should be able to manage phone numbers at scale to ensure consistency in sender identity while connecting with any prospect or customer.

3) Quick Automation Capabilities

  • No-code Text Message Surveys, Questionnaires, and Chatbots

Complex text and Salesforce sales automation increase dependency on developers and text operations timeframe.

With the best SMS Salesforce integration, you should expect self-sufficiency to build text automation. 

You should be able to configure text surveys, questionnaires, and chatbots on your own for Salesforce instant messaging.

This way, you can accelerate business interactions and minimize investments.

4) Unified Messaging Inbox

  • Single Interface for All Communication Channels

It could be strenuous to switch between channels to manage conversations over different channels. 

An ideal SMS Salesforce integration makes your lives much easier when managing text operations. 

You can expect a shared messaging inbox for all channels for convenient conversations irrespective of the channel a user is using to connect with you. 

You should be able to access your chat history to converse meaningfully with audiences

5) Accelerated Operations

  • SMS Templates and Folders

Time is money in business. Therefore, you need capabilities that can help you reduce the turnaround of text operations. 

You should look forward to capabilities like SMS templates and folders to organize them for easy discoverability at the time of need.

With organized pre-built SMS templates, you can save yourself from last-minute chaos and find the required templates faster, speeding up text operations.

6) Advanced Drip Campaigns

  • Multi-Channel Targeting and Emails in one SMS Drip campaign 

In the digital era, prospects and customers are scattered and present on different channels. 

An ideal Salesforce texting integration should equip you to run multi-channel campaigns to connect with audiences over other channels for better and more targeted campaigns. 

It would be even better if you could send emails while running an SMS drip campaign.

7) Better Productivity

  • Single Window Interface and Color-coded Unread Salesforce Messages

More time leads to more productivity. For this, you would need a solution that reduces navigation and speeds up your operations. 

You should expect capabilities that let you perform most Salesforce message operations using a single screen, reducing navigation. 

No matter how many channels are you using, you should expect unified conversations across all channels to manage conversations well. 

Besides, a well-defined notification bar can also help you to prioritize responses and respond faster to incoming texts.

8) Analytics

  • URL Tracking, Drill Down Reports, and DashBoards

It isn’t easy to follow the right approach without knowing what’s working and whatnot. 

Analytics, dashboards, and drill-down reports must be used to determine text campaigns’ productive and weak elements. 

This will help you understand the text delivery report, the type of text getting better responses and driving conversions, and much more that can help you tweak campaigns. 

You should have Salesforce link tracking capability for drill-down reports to track URLs sent in a text. 

You can send auto-shortened URLs and track clickthroughs to gauge people’s interest in a specific topic. 

More importantly, you can also reduce Salesforce SMS pricing by sending detailed information through URL and reducing SMS segment usage.

9) Compliance

  • Future-Ready Compliance Mechanism

Compliant texting is essential to make the best out of text messaging. 

So, an ultimate Salesforce SMS integration should support smooth compliance management. 

You should be able to opt-in or opt-out audiences based on their preference instead of blanket opt-in or opt-out. 

Also, new texting rules and regulations should never be a roadblock for you.

Reduce Turnarounds, Efforts, and Cost with the Best Salesforce SMS Integration

The best Salesforce SMS integration is so off-the-charts that you can succeed in the communication space without needing additional add-ons or integrations. It already provides a  variety of advanced pre-built capabilities that helps you upscale your texting Salesforce operations and deliver next-level experiences to your customers. You need all these capabilities to stay competitive in the market delivering quality experiences to customers. Also, you can redefine your day-to-day business operations speeding them up and distilling weeks of work into hours. 

In the bigger picture, you can shrink the timeframe of text operations, manage conversations on different channels at scale, and cut back on manual intervention and business expenses. You can run more targeted and effective campaigns and make more informed decisions with advanced campaigns and analytics to drive better returns. 

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