Analyze Your Best and the Worst Performers with Meaningful Reports and Dashboards

Here are Some Parameters You Can Track with 360 SMS Reports and Dashboards

Number of Delivered and Undelivered Messages

While sending outbound messages or running an SMS campaign, you’d like to anticipate outcomes.

And you can only predict results accurately if you know how many text messages are delivered and undelivered.

With 360 SMS, you can easily find the number of delivered and undelivered messages and calculate your expected returns.

Loyal Customers

Being in a business, you’d surely love to know about your regular customer count.
And 360 SMS reports and dashboards allow you do that.

You can find out about the regular customers of your products and services and who are the least interactive customers.

Message Timings

You can even regulate the time of the outgoing messages if required.

360 SMS Reports and Dashboards allow you to track the time of the outgoing messages.

So, in case of a low SMS response rate, you can experiment with message timings.

Response Time

Agent’s response time is a crucial metric that affects customer satisfaction and, eventually, the brand’s reputation.

With reports and dashboards, you can find out about the average response time of your agents and improve it, eliminating factors that cause delay.

This would help increase agents’ efficiency and customer satisfaction with fast responses.

More importantly, apart from tracking the agent’s response time, you can track your customer’s response time too.

Best Performing URLs

In many situations, you may have to send URLs in texts to engage with audiences.

Meaningful insights and dashboards help you track your best-performing URLs.

This way, you can find which types of URLs are securing a good clickthrough rate and adding value to your business.

Further, you can infuse such URLs more in your business communications.

Best Performing Templates

You and your teams might be using different SMS templates to convey the same message.
But some might be securing good responses, and some might not.

So, don’t stay clueless.

Discover your best-performing SMS templates and use similar templates for more SMS responses and returns.

The number of Inbound Messages

You can even track the number of inbound messages to track your customer’s participation and engagement.

Such metric helps you know about your text message performances and find if your text messages require changes.

Best Performing Keywords

Another thing for which you can use reports and keywords is to track the best-performing and least-performing keywords.

You can track which keyword is driving maximum traffic for you.

This way, you can restrict the use of least-performing keywords and use keywords that are performing best.

Results Reported by Our Reports and Dashboard Users

Here are some interesting outcomes based on the experiences and interviews with some of our reports and dashboard users

Overall marketing returns increases by 31.6% due to informed decisions.

Customer acquisition improves by 24.5% due to quick response times and best-performing attributes used for marketing.

Easy to Set up and Getting Started with Texting
I had this app configured, and it's running very quickly. Its components are all native to Salesforce which is ideal for reporting or using SFDC standard features.Also, the support team was really helpful and answered all of our questions.

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping up

Now that you’re aware of how omnichannel helps with support case management, you can redefine your customer service patterns with omnichannel allied to the 360 SMS app.

You’ve just seen how beneficial reports and dashboards can be for improving your marketing campaign and other operations.

With dashboards, you can scan data visually, like key KPIs and day-to-day priorities at a glance to gain insights into critical metrics essential for managing business performance.

Trust me; you’ll wonder why haven’t you done this before.

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