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Texts for Feedback

Feedback Texting: Get Insights into Business Performance 

With each passing day, every business strives to perform better, which is just next to impossible without understanding their business performance and finding improvement areas.

As a result, it has become a requisite for businesses to outreach a large volume of people to accumulate their opinions on services, products, customer service, brand experience, and much more. Thus, texts have made it feasible for businesses to conduct surveys and collect feedback effortlessly.

Texts To Connect With The Audience And Know Their Opinion

The survey response rate is one of the biggest concerns for the companies due to an average response rate of 10-15% only. Thus, surveying through text can help to attract participation from a large chunk of people due to its high open-rate. As customers opt-in for text messages, there are numerous ways to reap texting benefits for business development and overall growth.

Let’s find out how businesses can take advantage of texts high open-rate to collect customer’s feedback and know about their business performance.  

Know How Customers Feel On Recent Purchase 

Customer satisfaction is the key to unlock more business and acquire returning customers. Before that, it is necessary to know how satisfied customers are with the products and services they have recently purchased. Therefore, text messages serve as the fastest and convenient means to reach and collect feedback.

80% of the surveys are left halfway if they are lengthy and time-consuming. So, with the help of texts, send quick and short surveys probing about the recent purchases. Keeping your survey short, you can embed 1-2 questions to know the satisfaction level of customers and find rooms for improvement.

Gain Insights Into Customer Service & Support Quality

Customers are inundated with a lot of queries and concerns. So, now and then, customers seek help and support from customer service representatives, which may be satisfactory or dissatisfactory. To know the overall interaction experience with executives, you can send text messages right after the session to collect feedback. As experience remains fresh in the minds of the customers, this is the perfect time to hit the spot and extract meaningful data from their experiences.

Gauge Business Reputation On The Scale of 0-10

Apart from collecting immediate feedback on support services or a recent purchase, texts can also help in later (Net Promoter Score)NPS surveys. With the help of such surveys, businesses can measure customers’ experience, their reputation, and the potential growth of a company. You can send single questions like ‘How likely would you recommend it to others? Rate it on a scale of 0-10’ or ‘How was your overall experience with (brand name)? Rate it on a scale of 0-10′ to gauge clients’ interest and level of contentment.

Know About Overall Delivery Experience

In the whole digital world, people are more into digital activities and transactions. One of the popular instances is the ever-growing craze of online shopping, and the delivery of a product is the most crucial aspect of order processing. A bad experience with the delivery agent can ruin the whole customer experience and lead to more non-returning customers. So, to avoid any inconvenience and unpleasant experience erupting due to the delivery agent, businesses can trigger a feedback text to know about the overall delivery experience.

Find Improvement Rooms With Two-way Communication 

Text messages in the business paradigm are one of the convenient and prompt ways to reach millions of people and collect feedback hands down. Sidestepping one-way communication hassles, texts open ways for effective two-way communication to engage and interact with customers without any inconvenience. Without draining much of businesses’ valuable time, text messages have made it feasible for them to collect public opinion and use such meaningful data to enhance the quality of services and bring overall improvement.