Automated/ Triggered Texting

8.3 trillion text messages are sent worldwide every year, that’s around 23 billion a day, and about 270,000 messages every second…….

This explicit feature gives you an opportunity to track the responses of the queries based on a specific keyword. Moreover, an automated response can also be sent out to the user if their reply contains any of the specific keywords.

Why is Triggered Texting Important?

Triggered texting is important because it helps you to save your time and money altogether. This is because you won’t be needing a full-time resource to respond to the queries raised by people, there will be an automated process to take care of the same which is going to save the time of your live agents too.

How 360 SMS App can help you with Triggered Texting?

You can run multiple automated processes at the same time.

You can assign your resources with more dedicated tasks than just responding to queries.

You can save your time and money simultaneously.

Your customers won’t have to wait longer to get responses.

No query containing the right keyword will go unanswered.

You can invest money in more productive technologies.

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