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5 Must-have Features In Your CRM

As we all are well-aware of the fact that large business enterprises always require the help of a CRM solution to handle or manage their processes. It can easily work as a helping hand for you especially if you have a vast business to manage. There are many processes to be addressed and handled in a business. Whether you have just opted for a CRM platform, or you have switched from some other CRM; you always need to look for various factors within it which must not be neglected. Speed and user interface are the two most vital things that play a major role in deciding for a CRM software for your online business.

Speed will determine your capability to work in the future and easy user interface will allow you to handle many tasks in a single go. Moreover, you must never think of making a compromise when it comes to selecting the best CRM solution for your business enterprise as it will be responsible for the growth and success of your business.

Top Features that Your CRM must Posses

The following mentioned are the top 5 features that your CRM software must have in order to ensure constant growth and development of your business venture:

1) Customizable Home Screen-

Your CRM solution must have an option to allow you to customize your home screen as per your needs and requirements. Layouts need to be set as per your business interests only.

2) Contacts & Leads Management-

The chosen CRM software must allow you to manage, organize and store your contacts with ease. Also, it must help you to identify your best customers in a way that the process of lead management is done easily.

3) Reports and Dashboards-

You must ensure that your CRM provides you with the statistics of the required data in real-time. It must be accessed by any portal by any of the relevant sales and service personnel so that it can be analyzed in a better way.

4) Sales Automation-

Also, your CRM solution must allow you to automate your sale process in a manner that no more time is wasted on irrelevant people and processes. It also saves the time of the employee which he/ she can utilize in any other useful works to improve their productivity.

5) Mobile CRM-

Last, but not the least; Mobile CRM is an important feature that must be possessed by your CRM solution so that you can work on it remotely at any time. It allows you to multitask with much ease and reliability.

So, these were the top 5 must-have feature for your CRM solution. There are various options available in the market for the same but it just needs the adequate knowledge and experience to choose the best amongst all. As we all know that Salesforce has acquired the major part of the CRM market in the present era, and there is no secret that the majority of the business firms have already opted Salesforce as their CRM solution to get to the top in this highly competitive market.

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