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SMS for real estate6 Ways SMS Can Help Shrink Real Estate Operations and Win More Deals

Text messaging has become a crucial part of businesses of all sizes. No matter which business vertical you deal with, texting has provided ease of communication at scale. And even real estate is no exception to it. 

SMS has provided a convenient means for real estate agents to interact with audiences, maximize responses, and strengthen relationships with clients. 

Whether you are looking forward to marketing, selling, or buying properties, there are various turns where realtors can count on messaging to accelerate real estate operations and close more property deals.

SMS for Real-Estate

There are numerous ways to use text messages for real estate operations and accelerate communications. In addition, pre-built real estate messaging templates add more convenience to realtors and allow them to perform operations speedily. So, here are a few ways to use SMS in real estate.

  • Keyword Marketing is Perfect to Attract Interested Buyers

It takes more time and effort to collect data, segment audiences, strategize for marketing, and reach out to potential buyers. 

Keyword marketing is the simplest approach for acquiring buyers with high purchase intent. 

You can use banners, billboards, tv ads, etc., to market a specific keyword and increase customer opt-ins to receive text messages. This would help you grow subscriber lists without much marketing effort and pursue real revenue opportunities. 

You can market an SMS keyword and prompt customers to text desired keyword at the given number if they want to opt-in. This way, you can grow your list, connect with interested buyers, and close more deals.

  • Text Surveys Facilitate Easy Requirement Gatherings

One size fits all should not be your real-estate marketing approach. Every client has unique property requirements and preferences. 

Therefore, it is vital to know about the client’s needs to send relevant and personalized listings. This would help to reduce opt-out and improve brand reputation. You can run polls to find which type of property appeals to customers the most. 

Also, you can send Salesforce Surveys and Questionnaires if you want to gather their property requirements in detail. 

The best part is you can expect more responses with text Surveys.

According to Mobile Xco statistics, SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than a phone, email, or Facebook.

  • Property Listing Promotions Get Easier with SMS

Text marketing is unmatched by all other channels when it comes to reliable and quick communications at scale.

So, why count on emails, phone calls, and door-to-door marketing approaches when you can promote property listings right on their mobile phones. 

Once you have the requirements of interested buyers, you can send URLs redirecting to relevant properties to help them find their dream homes.

  • Virtual Property Tour can be a Game Changer for Real Estate

Following the pandemic, people have started living more in a virtual world. 

So, arranging a virtual property tour can always be a good idea to cut back on physical property visits.

Physical property visit demands more time from your clients. Even worse, when a client doesn’t like the property, you might have to wait longer to schedule another visit depending on the customer’s schedule. This increases the time frame, and it takes more time to close a property deal.

With SMS, you can send URLs redirecting to a property virtual tour one after the other until a potential buyer doesn’t find what he is looking for. The best part is that you can close deals much faster.

  • Unresolved Real Estate Inquiries Delay Purchase Decisions

From planning to purchase decisions, an individual may have numerous questions they need answers for. Today’s customers are impatient, and delays in responses can lead to bad customer experiences and the loss of many opportunities.

With manual and automated texting, you can manage incoming inquiries in a much better way and respond faster than ever.

In the case of manual texting, text notifications and alerts make it easier for you to respond faster. You can jump into one-on-one text conversations to answer the client’s questions.

On the flip side, you can also automate responses in the event of an incoming text. In both cases, you respond and resolve inquiries without any delay and help customers with property purchase decisions.

According to research published on HubSpot, 82% of consumers look for an immediate response from brands on marketing or sales questions. 

  • Manage Appointments Faster with SMS Automation

Without meetings, it is hard for you to close deals. So, once interested buyers are convinced to buy the property or need a one-on-one interaction before finalizing a property deal, you can schedule a meeting using SMS. 

SMS paves the way for easy scheduling and appointment management. You can send calendar URLs to allow clients to choose their preferred date and time for a meeting. 

Further, you can automate texts and send confirmations, reminders, and a URL for rescheduling if required. Sending reminders can help you avoid no-shows and missed appointments.

According to Statista 2019 stats, sending business appointment text reminders has reduced missed appointments by 26%.

SMS as your Most Reliable Tool for Real Estate Communications

SMS is a powerful tool that realtors can use at any turn to accelerate communications. Realtors can easily automate interactions, reduce manual intervention, and save time.

Also, realtors can focus on other priority tasks and perform real estate operations much more conveniently with the help of automation. Even Salesforce users dealing in the real-estate vertical can make the most of their CRM incorporating SMS.

Real estate Salesforce messaging empowers realtors to interact in a more productive way using a consolidated view of data. More importantly, realtors can harness the power of Salesforce and SMS together to deliver tailored experiences which help them max out returns by closing more property deals.

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