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Salesforce SMS alerts

Acquire New Customers & Improve Conversions with Salesforce SMS Alerts

The lives of the people have become more challenging due to hectic schedules. As a result, it’s become quite difficult for people to keep track of trivial activities like payments, stock replenishment, appointments, and many more. This is where SMS alerts come to the rescue. SMS alerts not only add convenience to customers but also help agents to manage SMSes better.

360 SMS is a Salesforce SMS app that’s completely native and allows you to send text messages at a scale and perform messaging operations much faster. In addition, it enables you to manage and respond to SMSes instantly with an incoming dashboard. This way, it becomes much more convenient to handle SMSes even when there are multiple tasks to handle. Still, there are many more advantages for employees that come along with Salesforce SMS alerts.

360 SMS App Integration with Salesforce 

When it comes to Salesforce SMS Integration, 360 SMS app integration is quite easy, time-savvy, and eliminates the need for any separate Salesforce SMS API. 360 SMS app integration is a 10 minutes set-up that is possible simply by installing the app from AppExchange, and you can start using it.

How SMS Notifications in Salesforce Help Agents

Elicit Instant Response

When loaded with lots of tasks, it becomes quite challenging for agents to keep track of every incoming SMS. But 360 SMS Salesforce incoming alerts can help do that much conveniently. Users receive incoming alerts over various 360 SMS interfaces. This includes Utility Bar, Salesforce 1 mobile app, email notifications, and audible notifications on Salesforce. As a result, they can elicit instant responses without a miss. This could help generate more leads and drive more conversions.

Reply Anywhere, Anytime

Here comes the most interesting part of 360 SMS notifications that is Email-to-SMS. This feature allows you to reply to incoming SMSes on the move. Without switching to Salesforce 1 mobile app, employees can reply to incoming SMS notification emails and send outbound messages. This makes it much convenient and quick for employees to reply to SMSes using their hand-held devices with just a few clicks.

Drive More Conversions

Every incoming text is vital to a business. It may end up with conversion if responded immediately. SMS notifications in Salesforce pull the agent’s attention instantly. Thus, agents can respond faster and seize the deal before prospects shift towards your competitor. Therefore, with incoming alerts, employees can manage SMSes effortlessly at scale. Else, delay in response could hamper customer experience with your brand and affect your customer acquisition rate.

Salesforce Incoming Alerts for your Business

Whether it’s a developing stage or a fully developed business venture, every incoming text makes a difference to a business. With Salesforce incoming alerts, it becomes easier for agents to contribute to business growth by nurturing every incoming lead. Apart from replying in a timely manner, employees can perform more efficiently. Rather than focusing on prospect and customer responses and invest time in it, they can focus on core priority work areas. Also, by responding immediately, they could reduce customer wait time and resolve inquiries faster.