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Personalized Voice drop templatesSalesforce Users: Say ‘No’ to Typing with these Pro-level Ways to Use Personalized Voicedrop Templates 

Have you ever thought of having personalized conversations in your own voice without hopping over a call with your customer?

Maybe not. This is why still many business ventures haven’t unlocked the potential of voicemails for their business.

Evolution in business communication has changed the traditional ways a business interacts with its audiences. There was a time when business communications were limited to emails and phone calls only.

But now, voice drops have made it feasible for business ventures to take interactions to the next level and interact with audiences in a much more innovative and convenient way.

Here are some pro-level ways to personalize and use voice drop templates.

Personalized Voicedrop Templates Use-Cases

  • Life Events are Unavoidable when It’s about Valuing your Customers

Even in personal life, you might have observed that people prefer to wish their near and dear ones over a call rather than text. This is to add a sense of personalization and a human element, which is missing in text messages.

This is because Salesforce messages can’t convey your tone and intonations. So, one of the innovative ways to use personalized voice drop templates is to send greetings in your own voice.

You can create Salesforce voicemail templates in advance and schedule voice notes to go on a specific life event like a birthday or anniversary.

Template 1

“Hey [Name]

[Company name] wishes you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day to the fullest.”

  • Lead Generation is Possible Even after Business Hours

You can’t expect your potential customers to reach you during office hours only. Often, potential customers prefer to reach out to a brand or a specific person or department at their convenience. 

But are you ready to capture leads approaching you after business hours? Or when you’re on vacation or unavailable?

If not, this is where a personalized Salesforce ringless voicemail can help you.

You can program a voice drop with your name and when you’ll be available to address your customers.

Besides, you can add your company name and ask your customers to leave their names and contact information so that you can contact them during office hours and leads do not slip away.

Template 2

“Hello, you’ve contacted [company name]. We are operational from [time] to[time]. Please leave your name, contact information, and reason for reaching out. One of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.”

  • Follow-Ups can be Innovative Too

Ditch traditional methods like phone calls for following up with potential customers and switch to a more innovative approach, i.e., personalized Salesforce ringless voicemail drop.

Using calls for humanized conversations, you can follow up with a single person at a time.

But with personalized voice drops, you can follow up with multiple users at once, adding a human element, i.e., your voice.

With would help you eliminate typing work and stand out in the crowd of competitors following an innovative approach for following up with potential customers.

Template 3

“Hey [Name], It’s been a while since we haven’t heard from you. For any assistance, call us at [Phone number].”

Type Less, Speak More to Create an Impact

More or less, business follows the same approach to interacting with their audiences. But when a business ditch traditional ways of carrying their business operations, it gets noticed. Personalized voice drop templates provide numerous ways to gear up yourself in advance for personalized conversations.

Further, it makes it convenient for users to get into personal and humanized conversations ditching phone calls. This helps you accelerate the communication process and interact with audiences impactfully.

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