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Conversational messaging

Conversational Messaging: Personalize conversations and Improve Engagement for Better Returns

Customer engagement is one of the critical business priorities to drive revenue. Business ventures often try new ways to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and revenue. This is where real-time one-on-one conversation comes into the picture as the best option to improve customer engagement rate. Unlike calls, agents and customers both do not have to wait for other end recipients to receive a call to start a conversation with conversational messaging. Instead, conversational texting provides a more reliable means to communicate faster without waiting for a response. Further, personalizing conversations can make it easier to drive responses and customer engagement. There can be several ways to personalize conversations.

Ways to Get into More Personalized and Conversational Messaging

Smart SMS Drip Campaigns

A smart Salesforce SMS drip campaign is the best way to communicate with audiences at a specific time without actually intervening. An SMS drip campaign allows you to plan and send an automated series of text messages to achieve a specific goal.

You can create drip campaigns to onboard customers, nurture leads, follow up with customers, welcome them, and much more. When you communicate with users when they need you the most, they feel that you are conversing with them one-to-one and are always there to help them. So, you can schedule texts to go out at a specific date and time and jump into more meaningful conversations.

More importantly, you can personalize drip campaign messages using text templates with merge fields. Also, you can create a multi-channel drip campaign to connect with audiences over their preferred channel and personalize communication.

Chatbots for Conversational Messaging

Chatbots help you leverage the advantage of automation and conversational messaging together. You can set up a chatbot to converse one-on-one with customers and escalate complex inquiries to human agents whenever required. You can count on chatbots to handle the most common inquiries and frequently asked questions.

This way, your business can deal with multiple customer inquiries at once. On the flip side, customers can interact 24*7 with a brand to get their inquiries resolved faster through one-on-one without waiting for responses.

Merge Fields

‘Merge Field’ is one of the best things to personalize conversations at scale. Whether you’re targeting a smaller or larger audience segment, you can personalize conversations using merge fields. You can either use existing SMS templates with merge fields to personalize conversations or create a new text.

‘Merge Field’ allows you to add the name of the field you want to add in a text, and it will automatically fetch and add the intended detail when a message goes out. This makes customers feel that you’re sending text messages personally, putting in additional effort. This helps to improve customer experiences and engagement rates. Even, shortened payment links for personalization can do wonders as you can send them personally while communicating one-on-one.

Make Interactions more Conversational through Personalization

Conversational messaging is all about having a free-flow conversation with customers and making them feel a human is conversing. For this, users can count on automation capabilities and send messages in real-time. A chatbot is the best automation use case that users can incorporate into business communications for conversational and personalized messaging. Besides, the Merge field helps to make interactions more conversational and lets users improve customer satisfaction.

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