SMS automation

Here’s How SMS Can Help NPOs

SMS or Short Messaging Service has been among one of the most used methods for communication by people for over years now. In fact, the majority of the industries have now been shifting their focus from other marketing methods to texting due to various reasons. The easy and user-friendly interface along with comparatively cheaper rates is among the top reasons for people choosing SMS over any other marketing methods. Then, another plus point which text messages carry with themselves is that these are not limited to any specific industry, rather they can be used in any industry like Mortgage, Media, Finance, Healthcare, etc. Not only these, but there also are several other sectors as well where texting can give great results. One such sector is NPO or Non-profit Organizations. Yes, you read that right. NPO’s can also make the most out of text messages, and that too in numerous ways. Continue reading to get further insights on the same.

NPOs Making Most of Texting Apps

We know that NPOs being a sector which does not work for profit are always in a need of generating funds so that they can carry their work and other activities with ease. NPOs usually are ahead in arranging many related events as well for grabbing the attention of more and more people in order to spread the desired message to the right target audience. To organize and execute these events in a smooth manner, funds are needed which can be generated from the regular donors by broadcasting a message related to the same to all of them at the same time. Calling or sending a personalized message to them via mail can be a costly as well as time-consuming process. Skipping these, you can directly go for a customized text message for all of them. This would save you time as well as money. In this way, NPOs can make the most out of these texting apps.

On a concluding note, it can also be said that texting apps powered by Salesforce are not industry-specific, rather they can be used in almost all industries. NPOs being the one which is in constant need of funds, can use these kinds of apps really well. There are various apps on the AppExchange platform of Salesforce which can provide you with the best benefits, but choosing the one as per your business needs and demands can be a challenge. 360 SMS App is the top-rated texting app on AppExchange winning the trust of its customers for years from now. It can work well as your needs and interests and is highly customizable. Visit now and book a free demo for yourself today. Get in touch with our experts and get started!