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How Government Sectors Can Make the Most Out of Texting App

In our last week’s edition, we talked about “How Real Estate can use the Salesforce powered Texting app in their respective business activities”. Gradually, text messages are becoming a part of our daily lives. Now, they have been playing a vital role in almost every individual’s life. Every industry is making the most of it by incorporating it in their workflows. In this week’s edition, we are going to talk about how an SMS App can be proved beneficial for the government sectors as well. Continue reading to get further insights.

Text Marketing has been gaining grounds since its inception. In fact, the various industries have already started shifting their focus from other marketing methods to text marketing. It is the newest trend to follow in the market. Not only real estate, hospitality or media industry are using the texting app, instead, various other industries are also bound to use the same due to the increasing competition. For instance, we would be discussing the Government sectors making the most out of these texting apps powered by Salesforce and use them in the upliftment of their organization and see them excel like never before.

Watch the video provided below to see how texting can do wonders and save lives:

In the above video, we just saw how text messages can help you out during an emergency. In the video, a person named Eric was driving his car alongside a forest when he just saw that the forest was on fire. The fire could have almost destroyed the forest if Eric wouldn’t have taken the right step on the right time. He was already out of his data connection pack, but still, he put his best efforts forward in order to stop the forest fire. His mind strike with a message that he read a few days while driving back home. That message included a keyword (here ‘Emergency’) along with a number to which the person needs to send the message to. He quickly followed the given instructions and sent out a message on the respective number. As soon as he dropped the message, an instant reply came from the other side stating that the help would be arriving soon and that’s how Eric fulfilled his responsibilities being a responsible citizen of the country.

That was just an example of how the different government sectors can use the power of texting in their workflows and automate triggered responses on the usage of a specific keyword that we just saw. It takes much less time if your communication medium is text messages rather than email or any other available methods. As per a survey, it was already revealed that people are on their phones almost every hour of the day and hence, this is the key factor to note down that why SMS is becoming popular on each day being passed.

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