how mass texting works well for an event
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How Mass Texting Works well for an Event?

Organizing an event on a mass level can be a difficult task. All the arrangements that need to be taken care of along with the invitations that need to be sent out, plus the security measures for respective chief guests- doing all things in the right manner can definitely be a hectic task. But if we say all of your burdens can be reduced by taking the help of text messaging, how does that feel? Yes, you heard that right. Mass Texting can save you a lot of time and bucks simultaneously. With the help of text messages, you can plan and execute a successful event even on a large scale. That can also become a key factor for the successful execution of your grand event and also, the attendees would definitely appreciate your perfectly planned special event. Continue reading to get further insights on the same. Mass texting can save lives when it comes to coordination of an event on a large scale.

Following are a few ways explaining How Mass Texting Works well For An Event –

Promoting your Event- Before anything, the marketing of your event must take place. Promoting your event among the right target audience is the key to a successful event. There are numerous ways to promote an event, and texting is one of them. It can save you a lot of time as well as money.

Inviting Special Guests- Sending personalized SMS as an invitation to the special guests can be very effective. It will make your guests realize how important they are for you! Also, sending text messages to various guests is still easier than connecting on a call with each one of them.

Internal Coordination– Coordinating with your staff members internally is really important for the execution of a successful event. Skip calling them for each and every small thing. Making a group of your internal staff members and dropping a necessary text in that particular group whenever required can save you a lot of time and energy.

Updates for Special Arrangements- You can always send SMS to your event attendees regarding any special updates or any other kind of information in between the event as well. For e.g. – if the refreshment tables have been shifted to another area, this information can easily be disseminated via text messages.

Collecting Feedback- So, after the successful execution of the event, the only important thing which needs to be done is the collection of feedback from the guests and attendees of the respective event. You can send a text to them attaching a link within the same through which they can fill their feedback or provide with any kind of required suggestions.

So, the above-mentioned were a few things that you can do with the help of text messaging in order to plan and execute a successful event at a large scale. Found it amusing? Wondering which app to use for the same? 360 SMS App is the top-rated SMS app for Salesforce on the AppExchange. Check out our app now at and book a free demo for yourself today. Experience the power of texting in the major industries!