Link Tracking: Promote, Inform, and Analyze with URLs

Use link tracking for core business functions

Traditional communication modes like emails and phone calls are playing catch-up with SMS.  Even when it comes to URLs.

Rather than just engaging with users through words, link tracking empowers you to indulge audiences through links as well. By embedding links in messages, you can redirect users to specific pages intended to generate leads. These pages can be for promotions, delivering product information, or booking appointments.

360 SMS’ link tracking builds on the benefits of Salesforce and shortened URLs. Though, you’d be served even better if you kept in mind the nuances involved with shortened URLs.

To understand Link tracking more deeply, check out some of these use cases across different verticals. 

E-commerce – Advertise and Track Though Links 

While advertising,  you present your products in the best light through images or links to videos using MMS. Besides, you can embed the product page link to navigate the audience. But you’ll still need to know whether your advertising campaign is on track and plan your next move. 

With Link Tracking, tracing how many users clicked on the given link is easy, and you can then tweak campaigns to optimize performance. Even more, to track sales-driving links and user behaviors, you can use SMS analytics.

This lets you make more informed decisions about product marketing. Through links, you can share pages for newly launched products, offers, and payments to get customers to act.

Thus, Link tracking can be a metric to measure potential interest and responses. The idea is to foster prudent use of time, money, and resources depending on indicators like click-through rates.

Non-Profits – Step through the donation process sequentially with SMS Gateways

It has always been a challenge for NPOs to pull donations from people. 

Besides, if a willing donor has to go through several pages and procedures to donate, this would annoy them. You can get around this by embedding the link in a message.

You can also target multiple donors at once by sending links in bulk from reports.

As donors click on links, you should witness a change in the number of clicks made. With 360 SMS, you also get details on what time when users made the first and last click.

Sales – Drive Sales, Pull Customers to Forms & Pages for analytics

Using messages, you can present a gist of enticing deals and offers going on products and services. After intriguing customers, half of the job is done. It becomes much simpler to pull prospects to discounts and offer pages through links. All you need to do is embed the destination page link in the text and shoot messages in bulk. You can do this through bulk messages from Salesforce reports in 360 SMS. 

Going ahead, with the help of 360 SMS analytics, you can track customers’ activities and send links to interested customers for easy payments. And further tracking the clickthrough rate of those links, you can follow up with customers making false claims of not receiving payment links.

On the other hand, for easy resolution of queries and improving customer experience, sales reps can help users by sending an article or document link. If an issue persists, it becomes easy to check the efficiency of documents and work upon improving their quality.

While embedding long links, exhausting character limits continue to pose a challenge. But the Link Tracking feature is equipped enough to handle such concern on its own.

With its link-shortening capability, it aids you with a concise link that gets easily adjusted in the text preventing the character limit from getting exhausted.

Segment Recipients by Purchase Intent, Delegate Support Operations & Form-Filling

360 SMS’ Link Tracking feature provides incredible support to business ventures. It extends their sharing capabilities, allowing them to gauge any prospect’s intent. It serves as a valuable metric to understand user behavior like a customer’s response over a link, willingness to know more about products, purchase intent, and much more. 

Whether you’re looking to send any patient’s report or any address location, the Link Tracking feature provides you the effortless sharing and derivative option to outreach customers.

Most importantly, with link tracking, it’s no more a tedious task to measure campaign effectiveness and decide on the next step for improving the overall result.

For more information on ways your business can enable link tracking to analyze customers or to help them with knowledgebases and payment links, reach out to us at or book a call with a texting professional.