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Salesforce SMS appsCompliance Uncomplicated: Simplifying Texting Regulations with the Best Salesforce App

Will you believe if you come across a Salesforce texting app that can help you forget all your worries about the current and future texting compliance requirements?

Probably not. But yes, this is possible if you have the best SMS app for Salesforce to manage your messaging compliance and consent requests.

Whether you are already using an SMS app for Salesforce or planning to start with Salesforce texting, compliance management can be a matter of concern for both types of users. 

For existing Salesforce texting users who mark their presence in different countries, managing new compliance requirements of other countries is challenging.  

And the organizations that haven’t started texting their customers yet or planning to incorporate texting into their Salesforce communications have to gear up themselves for effective Salesforce text messaging. 

What’s needed here is the best Salesforce app for Salesforce for compliance management.

Else, violation of texting rules can lead to hefty financial losses.

There is a case presented by Casetext where Barclays Group had to bear a loss of more than $8 million due to a violation of TCPA concerning sending SMS.

After this statement, it is pretty obvious to think how the best Salesforce texting app for compliance management looks like.

This blog will discuss which kind of app existing and new texting users need to manage texting compliances well without much effort. When numerous Salesforce SMS apps are available in the market, it is tough to find the right one. This blog will help you set your eyes on the app that can make compliance management uncomplicated for you, irrespective of old and new texting rules.

Simplifying Compliance Management with the Best Salesforce SMS App

Selective Opt-In and Opt-Out

The best Salesforce texting app for compliance management goes above and beyond a simple opt-out option by providing users with selective opt-outs and opt-ins. With this capability, you can be more flexible and have greater control over customers’ communication and content choices. You can ensure that they only receive what they want to. 

You can send messages as per customers’ needs and preferences. If customers want to opt in or opt out of a specific department, channel, number,  or content type, it is easily manageable with selective opt-ins or opt-outs.

Here are some instances. Suppose a customer is interested in receiving messages on a specific communication channel and wants to opt out of all other channels. In that case, you can easily accommodate this type of use case.

Another example is if a customer wants to receive account-related messages, not promotional ones; again, you can easily manage that.

This way, you can deliver content your customers want and respect their interest in how they want it.

Advanced Compliance Mechanism to Manage Opt-outs

If you are managing opt-out requests in the same way that others are doing, there is nothing different. Probably you will also face the same difficulties that others are. So the right approach would be to get a compliance mechanism that can help you manage opt-outs more effectively.

This way, you can eliminate various problems that usually occur while managing opt-outs. Often, compliance management is keyword-based. This means when a customer texts you any defined keywords, the person automatically opts out of the messages.

But what about the messages if a person has not texted you any of the defined keywords but still intends to opt out? 

Checking each message one by one and then removing the person from the subscriber’s list based on their intent is a pretty arduous task. 

Best Salesforce texting app for compliance management, you can easily automate this process and save time for your team. You can harness the power of AI and opt out of uninterested customers based on their intent instead of sticking to only keyword-based opt-outs.

You can manage opt-outs without a miss and prevent yourself from hefty fines and legal actions.

Mondaq’s article mentions that loss can range from $500 to $1,500 for each non-compliant telephone call or SMS.

Greater Control and Flexibility

Greater control and flexibility in compliance mechanisms help you overcome the toughest challenge that businesses often face, i.e., new compliance requirements coming your way.

Every country is building its own set of rules and regulations for texting, which makes it tough for businesses to cater to the compliance requirements of all countries with just one solution. As a result, they have to make new arrangements, get new tools or customization to handle new texting requirements.

The entire process is frustrating, time-consuming, and requires repeated investment. The best Salesforce SMS app for Salesforce texting compliance management will be complaint-by-design, providing greater control and flexibility.

Whenever new texting laws are introduced, you can add custom fields. This helps you manage compliance the way you want without needing additional setup, capabilities, or investment.

Manage Old and New Texting Laws Effectively with the Right Salesforce Texting App

In a world of evolving texting regulations and compliance requirements, finding the right Salesforce texting app can make all the difference in managing your communication seamlessly. With the best SMS app for compliance management, you can forget all your worries about current and future texting regulations.

In a rapidly changing regulatory landscape, investing in the right SMS app ensures your organization can focus on what matters most – providing exceptional customer experiences while staying compliant and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Thus, choosing the right Salesforce SMS app can revolutionize compliance management and elevate your Salesforce texting experience to new heights. Take control of your communication and unlock the full potential of compliant messaging with the best SMS app for Salesforce. Looking for the one for your business? Turn to our experts at or click here to contact us. 

Siddhart Sehgal


Siddhart Sehgal is CEO & Salesforce Communication Guru. He helps businesses grow exponentially by putting their Salesforce CRM on steroids with his unique techniques. He is on a mission to help businesses build deeper relationships with their customers.


Yes, there are various regulatory bodies that aim to protect customer data and regulate telemarketing calls, text messages, and unsolicited faxes. This includes TCPA in the United States and GDPR in the European Union. These stand for Telephone Consumer Protection and General Data Protection Regulation, respectively. There are various rules and regulations concerning access to data and its usage and customer consent, opt-out instructions for text messages, etc., which you must follow to steer clear of legal actions.

By utilizing a solution that is compliant by design, you can make compliance management easy for yourself. You can easily cater to your customers’ specific requirements without the need to opt in and opt out of messages completely. More importantly, you can gear up to meet the requirements of future texting laws and regulations by adding custom fields, making it easier for you to handle new texting compliances.