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Best Salesforce SMS appTop 7 Salesforce SMS Apps in 2024

What’s the point of sending business information that never reaches or is read by audiences? 

This is the major issue that businesses often face when they try to connect with audiences through calls and emails. These days, potential customers are more indulged in text messaging than emails for communication.

Thus, you can’t miss out on the SMS channel when you’re looking forward to easing and accelerating communications and improving business outreach. Texting is the most effective and reliable communication tool for business communication at present and in the future, too, as texting in business is continuously rising. 

Although Salesforce doesn’t provide any standard functionality to send text messages from Salesforce, users can send SMS by installing an app from AppExchange. Users can check out certain aspects of an app listing to get the best Salesforce app for texting to cater to their business needs.

But still, to make it easier for you and save you time and effort, here is a list of a few best Salesforce SMS messaging solutions with their AppExchange ratings.

Best Salesforce Texting Apps to Consider For Salesforce SMS Service

#1) 360 SMS App 

One Salesforce native texting solution for all your messaging needs

Location: USA, UK, India

Year of Founding: 2012

AppExchange Rating: 4.9


Industries: Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences

The 360 SMS app is a Salesforce native SMS app for Salesforce with numerous out-of-the-box capabilities that help users distill weeks of work into hours. 

  • 360 SMS integration with Salesforce offers you 11 pre-integrated communication channels, including SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, CTI, Voicemail, Viber, WeChat, Line, Instagram, and Kakao Talk.
  • Besides, this app provides you with no-code and standard Salesforce automation capabilities that you can use to meet specific use case requirements.
  • This no-code solution lets you create Surveys and chatbots without an expert’s help. 
  • This app also acts as a bulk messaging app that lets you connect with millions in one go with its advanced bulk messaging from reports and eliminates repetitive tasks. 
  • The best part of this Salesforce SMS service is you can manage conversation at scale with its single-window console and perform most of your messaging operations from a single screen.
  • On top of everything, its serverless architecture helps to keep data secure as it doesn’t store anything when you use Salesforce to send SMS.
  • The app supports privacy by design and allows users to manage opt-in or opt-out the way a customer wants by adding custom fields. This way, users become future-ready to get around every new texting rule and regulation and perform compliant texting. 

360 SMS has helped a diverse group of industries like Education, Finance, Healthcare, Nonprofits, ISP, Mortgage, Insurance, Real estate, Recruitment, and Legal to increase customer acquisition and grow their business.

 #2) Mogli SMS

Location: Niwot, Colorado, USA

Year of Founding: 2011

AppExchange Rating: 5.0


Industries: Education, Financial Services

Mogli SMS is a Salesforce native messaging solution for sending SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages from Salesforce. Mogli provides users with numerous features like text-to-vote and chatbot.

With Mogli, users can run surveys, converse one-on-one, and send bulk SMS, WhatsApp, and voice messages to interact with their audiences.

In addition, you can also avail yourself of the benefits of custom features like automation, text-to-pay, and artificial intelligence to make your SMS and WhatsApp messaging smart.

#3) SMS Magic

Location: US, UK, Australia

Year of Founding: 2008

AppExchange Rating: 4.9


Industries: Education, Financial Services

SMS magic is a natively built Salesforce solution that helps users with compliant messaging and supports multichannel engagement at scale.

It helps users connect with audiences over their preferred channels using SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger for messaging. SMS magic allows users to access conversation history and converse one-on-one with their customers.

Besides, users can converse with multiple clients over multiple channels using a single inbox.

With different SMS magic products, users can send SMS, and WhatsApp messages using Zoho, engage with users anywhere, anytime using the SMS magic mobile app, and even send messages without CRM. Many industries like Staffing, Healthcare, and Education have adopted SMS magic as their texting solution.

#4) Mercury SMS

Location: UK

Year of Founding: 2014 (Acquired by MessageMedia in 2021)

AppExchange Rating: 5.0


Industries: Financial Services, Government

Mercury SMS is a robust SMS solution that allows users to send messages to an individual, large segment of audiences, or existing campaign members, or automate messages using workflow rules.

Mercury SMS allows users to personalize messages using merge fields, create SMS templates in advance, update records in case of desired incoming SMS keywords, respond to messages in real-time using SMS inbox, and much more.

Besides, the app offers users a message feed to respond in real time and makes them feel as if they’re texting through a mobile device.

#5) Smart SMS App for Salesforce by Girikon

Location: USA, Australia, India

Year of Founding: 2017

AppExchange Rating: 4.6


Smart SMS app is another Salesforce native texting solution that allows users to send single or bulk SMS from any Standard or Custom Salesforce object. This app lets users send bulk messages to millions using bulk SMS from reports.

Besides, users can schedule and automate SMS and MMS using Workflow. Apart from Salesforce Classic, the app runs well on Salesforce Lightning also. Users can respond to SMS directly from email notifications, which adds more convenience. More importantly, users can manage communications more effectively with the help of SMS history and the chat window. 

#6) ValueText SMS App for Salesforce

Location: India

Year of Founding: 2016

AppExchange Rating: 5.0


Industries: Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences & Home Sales

Value text SMS app is a plug-and-play app that helps send and receive single or bulk text messages. The app supports multi-channel messaging, and users can send SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram, as well as use CTI from Salesforce.

This app enriches users with many texting capabilities. Users can access SMS history to communicate with audiences effectively and schedule messages to send at a specific time.

Besides, users can create SMS templates and send messages to millions in one shot using SMS from reports. Users can also send SMS through standard automation like Process Builder and workflows if required. The app also provides SMS bots to automate conversations and allows users to reply directly from email, notifying them about SMS.

#7) Twilio for Salesforce

Location: San Francisco, California

Year of Founding: 2008

AppExchange Rating: 3.7


Industries: Communications, Nonprofits

Twilio is a reliable messaging solution that allows users to send messages over their preferred channel with the help of a programmable messaging API. Users can reliably send SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages. 

With Twilio, users can send notifications, alerts, and marketing messages. Users can perform various other functions like sending or automating SMS and WhatsApp notifications. Also, users can send mass alerts, instant lead alerts, and SMS and MMS marketing messages.

Get the Best Texting Solution, Comparing the Best Ones for SMS Integration with Salesforce

Salesforce does not support messaging by default. However, Salesforce SMS integration through the AppExchange app can help you extend Salesforce CRM capabilities and get started with texting. Text messaging is one of the most crucial business requirements, as every business needs a quick, convenient, and scalable channel to communicate with audiences. 

So, with the handy information on top-performing messaging apps and solutions on AppExcahnge, users can easily get the one they are looking for without investing much time and effort. Also, it becomes more convenient for users to consider and compare the best solutions. This helps them to get the best one for their business.

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