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Struggling with Low Customer Engagement? Personalize Conversations with CTR

Each potential client carries a different taste, preference, requirement, and pain points. This is why a single type of approach doesn’t work for all. Each customer is unique and needs to be treated as an individual, and personalized communication is the key that can help organizations to accomplish any goal. Business ventures can easily personalize communications at various stages of a customer journey with valuable insights into the customer’s data and a better understanding of the customer’s preferences. But apart from other metrics, click-through rate CTR  is also a crucial metric that can help with personalization.

What is CTR?

CTR is a crucial metric that helps you gauge your customer’s intent. With the help of CTR, you can find out what works for your customers and whatnot. With click-through rate, not only you can gauge the effectiveness of emails but URLs too.

A low CTR could indicate disinterest of potential clients or low engagement. So, based on the URL click-through rate, you can personalize communications further and plan your next text.

How to Personalize Interactions with CTR

There can be many ways to personalize conversations and one of them is to personalize communications based on the URL click-through rate.

Follow-up on Payments

One of the important use-cases of using URLs in business is shortened payment links. Sending payment URLs in the text helps business firms improve customer satisfaction and reduces navigation which adds more convenience. 

More importantly, on-brand shortened payment URLs help instill trust in customers and allow them to make payments more confidently. With the help of Salesforce link tracking, you can track click-through for each payment URL you send. 

Further, you can personalize texts and follow up with customers who haven’t clicked the payment URL. If a customer doesn’t click on the given payment link after the follow-up text, you can send a payment reminder to attract payment. 

Send URL redirecting to Deals and Offer Page and Gauge Purchase Intent

Business ventures roll out various offers, exciting deals, and discounts on their business offerings during the festive season. So apart from conveying information about deals and discounts through text, you can also send a URL redirecting to the desired page. High CTR indicates the high purchase intent of the customers. 

Also, if a prospect spends time exploring the given page, they are more likely to buy. So based on URL CTR, you can personalize Salesforce texts and nudge customers to buy. Further, if follow-up text doesn’t work, you can send tailor a text by offering an additional discount for a limited period. 

Plan and Personalize texts with CTR 

URL click-through tracking provides the easiest way to know about your customer’s intent, interest level in a specific topic, and URLs performance.   A prospect and customers only click a URL if they find the content relevant that is probing them to click. This way, you can easily conclude whether customers find the content relevant and are willing to take the next step by clicking the URL. Better the click-through rate, the better the engagement rate will be. Thus, you can plan and personalize the text for two different audience segments. The ones who clicked the URL and the ones who didn’t.

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