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Salesforce add-onSalesforce Must-Have Add-Ons for Highly Effective Communications

Every business need is unique, which creates the need for tailored solutions to meet those specific needs.

Salesforce in barebone format may not be a perfect fit to cater to unique business requirements.

This is where add-ons come into play.

Using add-ons, you can create a customized CRM based on your business needs. You can easily extend the capabilities of your Salesforce org and incorporate different features to achieve your desired goals.

So, here are some powerful Salesforce add-ons to look at that can help you cut back on business expenses and maximize returns. 

Salesforce Add-Ons for Effective Communications

  • Digital Engagement On Steroids 

You might be familiar with Salesforce Digital Engagement (DE).

This is a  Salesforce solution to engage with audiences on different channels and deliver a positive experience throughout a customer journey.

Using this DE, users can easily engage with audiences on channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or Webchat. Digital Engagement costs $75 per user per month.

Besides, each user needs a separate license for outbound and inbound messaging, and each user gets 25 Bot conversations per month with a DE license. 

Digital Engagement on Steroids (DEOS) is a 360 SMS Salesforce add-on that helps you enrich your Salesforce Digital Engagement.

You can access point-and-click capabilities for messaging. Besides, you can extend messaging to more clouds and channels.

You won’t be restricted to service cloud console only. More importantly, you can access Salesforce Digital Engagement and the 360 SMS app on the go with DEOS.

You can even use Voicemail and telephony for existing DE numbers.

  • Salesforce Add-On for Marketing Cloud 

This 360 SMS Salesforce add-on is quite helpful to make your journey easier with Marketing Cloud and reduce the high messaging bill.

Maybe you don’t know, but this add-on makes messaging 670 times cheaper than Marketing Cloud mobile studio.

Besides, you can eliminate your dependency on Marketing Cloud ‘Tasks’ for scheduling and sending messages. You can send messages with point-and-click using this add-on for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Also, you can send emails and SMS both during an email journey.

Plus, you can import and use your existing marketing data for more effective mobile campaigns as you can apply filters too to extract the required data. 

  • Verify the Phone (VTP)

VTP is another 360 SMS Salesforce add-on that helps you run effective mobile campaigns and maximize returns.

This add-on helps you maintain your data health and saves you from last-minute prep work for running campaigns.

Verify the Phone verifies all data in real-time right from the source of collection.

Besides, you can also find out whether it is a mobile, landline, or VoIP number. This would help you choose appropriate communication channels to connect with audiences. 

By targeting only accurate and correct numbers, you can run targeted mobile and Salesforce bulk SMS campaigns without worrying about message delivery, increasing returns.

Extend your Salesforce Capabilities and Take your Business Operations to the Next Level

360 SMS add-ons are designed keeping in view the pain points of customers, be it a matter of cost, convenience, or business necessity. Apart from extending the capabilities of Salesforce CRM, these add-ons also add convenience to users and help them to cut back on business expenses. Users can extend the Salesforce Digital Engagement capabilities, text cost-effectively from Marketing Cloud, and maintain their data health round the clock for effective mobile campaigns. 

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