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Text Drip CampaignsThe Most Powerful Texting Drip  Campaigns Ever for Salesforce Marketers

Do you run campaigns separately for different channels? 

What if you can club different channels in one campaign?

Isn’t it interesting?

Yes, you can have all that with the most advanced Drip Campaigns for Salesforce yet.

A drip SMS campaign is one of the most potent and essential capabilities that allows a business to automate its interactions meaningfully.

You can now just put business interactions on auto-pilot and run effective campaigns with an advanced set of drip campaign capabilities. 

There are specific capabilities and controls that make drip campaigns more powerful and allow users to manage campaigns better.

An ideal Salesforce Drip Campaign integration gives you all those capabilities to run campaigns effectively.

What are the Ideal Characteristics of the Best Salesforce Drip Campaigns

Multi-Channel Campaign

Being digitally active, people are present on different channels and expect brands to interact with them over those channels. Hence, while running a Salesforce SMS drip campaign, marketing teams should be equipped to connect with audiences over different channels. 

This will help them to run campaigns innovatively and drive more responses by connecting with audiences over other channels. 

More importantly, you should expect accelerated and convenient SMS drip campaigns. You should be able to send messages on other channels along with emails. 

This way, you do not need to run SMS and email campaigns separately.

Advanced Scheduling

An ideal salesforce Drip Campaigns Integration should provide you with advanced scheduling capabilities. 

Scheduling should be smooth and quick.

In addition to scheduling messages by defining a date and time, you should be able to design a series of messages based on the context of the campaign. 

If you have greater control over scheduling, you can program messages deciding offset by the number of days, hours, and minutes. 

You can schedule messages to go out before or after a specific action. 

That way, you can send line-up messages to go the way you want.

UI for Campaign Stages

Granular insights help you manage campaigns more effectively.

You should expect granular controls on campaigns. 

It would be good to have UI that can provide insights into various data. 

You should be able to view your campaign audiences, the stage at which a user is, and when a campaign stops.

Action Configurability

You can expect freedom to take action based on responses from the best drip SMS campaigns. 

Therefore, you should be able to abort existing text message drip campaigns or execute new ones in the event of an incoming reaction to a specific text.

Also,  if someone clicks on a URL sent in a text as a part of a drip campaign, you should be able to do the same.

Granular Controls and Better Campaign Returns 

With more control and independency while configuring text drip campaigns, users can run campaigns more effectively. They can target prospects and customers over multiple channels, which helps to drive better campaign responses. Viewing which campaign stage a customer is in makes it easier for users in the marketing team to plan their next step much better. 

Also, they can automate necessary actions based on campaign responses and put business interactions on autopilot without compromising quality. Eventually, every effort is worthwhile, and the campaign returns are better due to granular controls.

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