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Mobile marketing campaignMarketers: Don’t even touch a Mobile Marketing Campaign without these Tried and True Tips

Maybe you’re unaware, but 97% of Americans own a mobile phone, be it a basic handset or smartphone.

Not only this, even mobile phones are the most popular and personalized gadgets used across the world.

Also, you might have noticed that people often cling to their mobile phones for day-to-day activities.

This makes mobile marketing a perfect approach to connect with audiences over their ubiquitous devices and gain quick viewership for your messages, regardless of their location. 

Mobile marketing has revolutionized the way a business market its business offerings. On the flip side, the number of mobile users is rising.

So, marketers can’t afford to run unoptimized and unplanned  Salesforce mobile marketing campaigns. It’s because well-planned mobile campaigns have good potential to get you good returns.

Here are some best practices and tips to optimize mobile marketing campaigns. 

  • Check your Data Health Before you Run Mobile Marketing Campaigns

One reason that leads to low mobile marketing returns is undelivered messages.

And this happens when you target inaccurate or invalid phone numbers.

Also, you cannot anticipate returns accurately if your database health is not well-maintained.

So before running any mobile marketing campaign, ensure that your database consists of accurate numbers.

With 360 SMS Verify the Phone (VTP), you can verify phone numbers in real-time and stay on your toes to run mobile marketing campaigns effectively anytime.

  • Target Right Type of Phone Numbers and Devices 

Another scenario when text messages don’t get delivered is when you target an inappropriate device.

Your database may consist of several types of phone numbers. This includes a landline number, mobile number, or VoIP number.

So, you can’t pick all the numbers stored in your database for running a mobile marketing campaign.

Instead, you can segment mobile numbers with the help of VTP and run more targeted Salesforce drip campaigns for mobile.

This way, you can target only mobile numbers capable of receiving text messages.

  • Optimize Content for Mobile to Make It Scannable

Don’t forget the content is displayed on small screens when you run a mobile marketing campaign.

So, it is a prerequisite for effective mobile marketing that your content should be mobile-friendly.

This would help you make your content easily scannable on mobile phones without losing its impact.

Remember that your audiences do not have the luxury of using their PCs always.

So there are chances your audiences are accessing your content while they are on the go.

Thus, your content should be optimized enough to cater to the requirements of mobile users.

Always create short and clear text messages that can fit mobile screens.

  • Content Mobile Users with  Exclusive Offers

Every user is crucial for a business, so never lose a chance to make them feel special.

Apprise your audiences if you’re running a campaign exclusively for mobile users.

To do so, you can add notes in your text messages that this offer or discount is solely for mobile users.

This would make your mobile users feel special and encourage them to be more responsive.

Eventually, this would help you with better returns.

Steer Clear of  Factors Affecting Mobile Marketing Returns and Improve Outcomes

Every marketing approach has the potential to get you good returns. All you need to do is understand the right way to perform marketing activities in the right way. Knowledge of certain tried and tested tips can help you steer clear of factors that can affect your mobile marketing campaign returns, and you can run campaigns more effectively. Further, you can easily improve your text deliveries on mobile phones, maximizing returns.

To know more about how you can run mobile campaigns more effectively using 360 SMS targeting capabilities, turn to our experts at or contact us here.