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How to Use Text Messages and WhatsApp for Real-Estate Marketing

The real estate business is all about building and nurturing relationships with clients. The more a realtor interact and engage with prospects, the better the chances are to drive more conversions. Relationship building starts with effective communication, which needs an effective communication channel too for faster and convenient interactions. So, WhatsApp and SMS Salesforce for Real-estate marketing can be the best pick for innovative marketing and meaningful interactions.

Let’s find out how realtors can incorporate messaging in their marketing roadmap.

WhatsApp & SMS Salesforce for Real-Estate

Market a ‘Keyword’ to Increase Opt-Ins

The time is gone when marketers were dependent on door-to-door marketing, brochures, newspapers, and print ads for real-estate marketing. Now people are getting digital, so just digital marketing of a ‘Keyword’ can help pull interested buyers. This is a great way to attract potential buyers without investing much time and effort in marketing. 


You can designate a specific keyword and market it to attract opt-ins from potential buyers. So, the prospective buyers interested in receiving property-related texts can text the given keyword and opt-in. This way, realtors can cut back on the need for intense marketing and create lists of potential buyers.

Organize Virtual Open House Events

Marketers are often dependent on Saturdays and Sundays to conduct open house events due to buyer’s availability. This somewhere limits the marketing efforts of realtors. But virtual open house events eliminates the dependency on weekends for the open house events. 

Real-estate marketers can use WhatsApp or SMS Salesforce with MMS to send short videos of the property, images, slide shows, etc. This way, you can add more convenience to users by eliminating the need for a physical visit and keep customers happy. Also, this would help to boost your marketing returns by enabling prospects to tour the home at the comfort of their home.

Send URLs to Property Listings for Marketing

When it comes to marketing in real estate, you can use WhatsApp and SMS for real-estate to send relevant property listings and market new ones right on their hand-held devices.

Based on the prospect’s requirements, you can send URLs in texts redirecting to relevant property listings or new property listings listed in the desired area. Further, you can also track the clickthrough rate for each link you send and gauge the interest level of prospective buyers.

Intrigue Buyers with Property Images

A human brain can process images up to 60000 times faster than words.

Thus, marketing through texts and images together can make a world of difference to your marketing strategies. 

You can either use SMS along with MMS or WhatsApp to send enticing property images. This would help marketers intrigue users, improve buyer’s responses and increase property sales.

Tap Into more  Impactful Marketing with Texts and Visuals

Visuals and texts together have enough potential to transform real-estate marketing strategies and take them to the next level. On the one hand, real-estate marketers can use texts to convey property-related information. On the other hand, they can use visuals to add a visual appeal to text messages and make them more impactful. Thus, with multiple channels like WhatsApp, MMS, and SMS Salesforce for Real-estate, marketing can effortlessly improve sales count by innovating marketing strategies.

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