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Emojis in business messages

Lighten Up: Use Emojis Effectively in Business Messages

Businesses keep changing and innovating their business communication strategies and patterns to meet the dynamic demands of users. The incorporation of emojis in business communication has made it feasible for businesses to communicate more effectively without even stuffing a cluster of words in a text. With emojis, users can easily convey messages with the right tone, which customers might interpret wrong without emojis. This way, users can make Salesforce text messages more interactive and emotionally rich by sending various emotions through emojis. But before using emojis, it’s crucial to understand the ins and out of emojis to use them effectively in business messages.

What are Emojis?

An emoji is a pictogram or a smiley embedded in a text message. The primary purpose of adding emojis in an SMS is to add emotions and convey real intentions through various small icons with a gesture. But the addition of an emoji in a text does affect SMS segment count and SMS bills. Thus, users need to understand the effect of emojis in business text messages.

SMS Segment Character Limit with Emojis in Business Messages

Emojis are non-GSM characters that do not contain any alphanumeric characters. One SMS segment with GSM characters can consist of 160 characters, but the character limit for one text with non-GSM characters is 70 characters. So, if you’re adding an emoji in a Salesforce text, the character limit for one SMS segment will be 70 characters only. 

Generally, a user can send a long text of 1000 characters irrespective of GSM and non-GSM characters. But if you’re adding only emojis in a text, the character limit shrinks to 500. This is because one emojis exhausts the place of two characters. 

How Emojis in Business Messages Affect SMS Bills

SMS is charged based on the SMS segment used, and emojis exhaust more character space. This is how emojis affect SMS bills. The use of more emojis in a text can lead to high SMS bills because adding a single emoji in an SMS reduces the character limit to 70 characters. 

And this limit may not be sufficient sometimes to convey the information you intend to. This can lead to additional SMS segments usage to add the desired information. And this can further lead to increased SMS bills.

MMS and Emojis

When you add an image, GIF, or video to a message, an SMS becomes an MMS. It takes three credits to send an MMS, and the character limit of one MMS is 1600 characters. So, as one emoji takes two characters, the MMS characters keep on reducing based on the count of emojis used.

Make Messages more Interactive without Increasing SMS Bills

Adequate knowledge of emojis help business to be cautious while creating a text message. Thus, users can make messages more meaningful using only one or two SMS segments. Understanding emojis and their usages help users to keep SMS segment count to a minimum even if they add emojis in marketing text messages. This saves them from encountering unexpected high SMS bills, and they also they can make their business interactions more interactive by adding relevant emotions.

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