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Mobile marketingLooking for a Way to Effective Mobile Marketing? Here’s an Add-on You Can’t Afford to Miss

Have you ever thought about why your mobile-marketing campaigns don’t produce the results you envision?

You might think it’s a poorly designed mobile marketing campaign.

But, it’s not always the campaign strategies and design that are at fault. Several other factors could be responsible for the low returns of mobile-marketing campaigns. 

What if you’re trying to send a message on a landline or a number that doesn’t exist?

This is something you really need to consider before running a marketing campaign. 

To run a mobile-marketing campaign effectively, you need to ensure accuracy in data and segment all contact numbers based on their type (landline, mobile, or VoIP). This is where Verify the Phone (VTP) comes into play. 

What is Verify the Phone?

Verify the phone is a 360 SMS add-on that helps you validate phone numbers stored in  Salesforce.

Also, it lets you find the type of contact number, whether it is a mobile number, landline number, or VoIP so that you can easily segment numbers for mobile marketing and call operations.

How does VTP Help with Effective Mobile Marketing?

  • Helps with Real-Time Data Verification

Marketers are often loaded with multiple tasks, which leave no time for other work like verifying each contact number. VTP helps you verify contact data right from the source of collection.

Thus, you do not need to invest time separately to validate contact data.

This way, you can own correct phone numbers all the time and run mobile marketing campaigns effectively without any last-minute work of phone number verification.

Besides, you can verify a number for an individual record in Salesforce or bulk records manually. This is again a quick solution for clean and healthy data. 

  • Improves SMS Delivery

There’s no point in sending messages that do not get delivered to the recipients. When messages do not reach audiences, it adversely affects mobile-marketing campaign returns.

And one of the causes for not getting messages delivered is that number you’re targeting doesn’t accept text messages.

With VTP, you can easily segment numbers depending on their type and target only mobile numbers. This way, you can improve SMS deliverability and improve returns. 

  • Allows You to Pursue Real-Revenue Opportunities

Owning a large contact database isn’t the key to generating more opportunities. It’s the quality of data that matters.

A contact number is not an opportunity until you’re not sure of its existence.

It could be disappointing when you have a large database, but half of the numbers are fake or do not exist. You keep chasing non-revenue generating opportunities that end up with no conversions.

With the VTP add-on, you can single out inactive contacts for any country and own a quality database.

This would help you invest time in opportunities worth pursuing and drive more conversions.

Maintain Data Hygiene and Anticipate Outcomes More Accurately

Firms invest time, money, and resources to create a mobile marketing campaign. But inaccuracy in contact data leads to disheartening results.

VTP helps maintain data hygiene and a quality database that users can rely on. Besides, users can anticipate outcomes more accurately, eliminating invalid numbers from the database.

The best thing about using VTP is users always get ready-to-use data for mobile-first campaigns and call operations that do not need prep-work. This helps users to be nimble and helps to launch campaigns faster.

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