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WhatsApp for Salesforce: Enable Mass SMS and Personalized Service

Every day businesses strive to grow and be a better version of themselves. In a world where overnight developments do not come as a surprise, now WhatsApp has become a new buzzword for business communications. After SMS, now WhatsApp has turned to be the sought-after messaging app with around 2 billion users across the globe. Now it’s no longer limited to connecting with family and friends but with business personnel as well. Businesses can even send mass SMS from Salesforce WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Channel For Business Communications

Taking business communications to the next level, now business ventures can do a lot more to reinforce engagement roadmaps with Salesforce WhatsApp integration. They can share videos, images, group text, sharing videos, and much more within a fraction of seconds. Being a fast, convenient, and more personalized method supporting two-way communication, it benefits businesses and customers-both.

Let’s find out how WhatsApp can help in delivering a well-rounded experience to its users.

Push Time-sensitive Updates in a Personalized Way

Why stay outdated when you have the feasibility to maintain a pace with market trends. By connecting with users using the most popular communication channel, you can serve users where they already are. 

Traditional methods, like emails, can’t serve to be the last-minute option to circulate time-sensitive information or to outreach a large volume of prospects in minimum time. As a result, a communication channel like WhatsApp has turned out to be the quickest and convenient option for conversational commerce purposes.  

Now businesses can use bulk messages on Salesforce WhatsApp to push automated notifications and deliver updates on their private messaging. They can push notifications such as order updates, confirmations, reminder messages, flight alerts, and much more. Further, businesses can drive up agent efficiency by automating common inquiries and FAQs using case-specific bots. 

WhatsApp paves the way for establishing a more direct connection with the users. Consequently, enabling sales and customer support representatives to perform better and keep customers happy. 

Reinforce Your Brand Identity, Let Your Brand Outshine 

It is never too easy to outshine until you have something better to deliver to your clients. And serving customers through WhatsApp is what can give your brand a competitive edge.

WhatsApp business profile uniquely strengthens your brand identity, giving customers a more personalized environment to have a 1-on-1 conversation. With WhatsApp, users can communicate much conveniently with your brand, and you can serve them with real-time alerts. 

On the contrary, you can inject a sense of confidence into your customers and save them from the repercussions of fraud and piracy. And this is because the WhatsApp team itself verifies all business accounts making the private messaging more safe and reliable.

Interact with Personalized and Secured Messaging

Foremost of all, customer data privacy and security are always a matter of concern for businesses. Taking business communication whole to a new level, WhatsApp has opened up a way to more secure private messaging. With end-to-end encryption for two-factor authentication and one-time password (OTP) sent over WhatsApp, it emphasizes protecting the subscriber’s privacy to the best.

Whether it is the exchange of confidential documents or any other information, WhatsApp renders business personnel and customers-both a reliable platform to share required information without being skeptical.

WhatsApp’s Forte: Security and User-adoption

Undeniably, the popularity of WhatsApp has skyrocketed due to the ease of use and 1-on-1 conversation feasibility it provides. Since WhatsApp comes pre-installed on almost every smartphone, it brings unique benefits to its users. Its well-acquainted ‘chat-like’ interface leads to a high user-adoption rate and convenience too.

Consequently, businesses incorporating WhatsApp in their communication channel enjoy the advantage that comes along with a familiar and secure messaging interface. 

If businesses need to send SMS from Salesforce with rich media, WhatsApp has made it viable for organizations to do so much conveniently. They can send bulk messages on Salesforce WhatsApp, share rich media messages and reap texting benefits even in those countries where country-to-country texting is prohibited.