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Why SMS Marketing More Favourable Than Email Marketing

Creating a major pathway within your customers to ensure better customer relationship management, companies rely on Calls and Emails but do you think is it worth it to run any customer support or sales without SMS marketing. In a world where people don’t have time for 3 meals a day, how they’ll be connecting with the sales or support team. For one minute. let just focus on the statistics which shows 67% of people around the world are mobile users, to capture this audience SMS can fill all the communication gaps in an effective manner. It’s not about the statistics but when it comes for any campaign we are running, SMS will be a faster and powerful medium.

Out of 10 messages a person will open and read at least 4 or 5 but when it comes to a mail 1 to 2 will open and read because either they will be missing with the internet connection or the emails will be sent to the spam or they won’t be using a smartphone to read the mail. Circumstances of reading and showing interest in a mail are less and not even sure that either people are reading or clicking on call for action.

Here the 5 reasons which highlight the benefits of SMS marketing:

  1. Highest Open rates: when we are running a campaign on Email and SMS, as we have discussed above the open rate of SMS is high. SMS’s open rate is not just higher then Emails but SMS is being opened in 2 to 3 minutes within the sending time. SMS are more reliable in terms of Open rate and click rate.
  2. Increase Conversion Value: with SMS marketing the Conversion rate is always high, as the open rate directly affects the conversions of any campaign. Through SMS marketing, a large audience can be captured for conversion as SMS’s are small and easy to read while traveling, meeting or even while you are in toilets. So this gives an extra advantage to all the SMS campaign which are being run on a regular basis.
  3. Easy audience capturing: SMS messages need to keep to their words limit and just leave space for the critical stuff while e-mailers will, in general, have insignificant data which dangers exhausting the customer. SMS crusades can keep the customer returning with around 4-6 content battles for each month. On account of email crusades, there is no specific limit and the more messages you send, the higher the probability of a customer understanding it.
  4. Targeted marketing: SMS marketing makes it easier for business owners to create targeted campaigns for groups in their opt-in subscriber list. This kind of personalized marketing can help cultivate customer loyalty, as customers tend to respond better to personalized text messages compared to generic emails. This is particularly useful for businesses with more than one location.
  5. Efficiently Working: SMS campaigns may work out more expensive when you look at the per-message cost but you do save on the costs that come with creating emailers. Email campaigns need creativity and design. They need to be made compatible across mail clients. With only 160 characters of copy SMS messages let you reach your audience much more cost.
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