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Customer Loyalty

Win at Customer Loyalty Game with No-code Text Marketing App on AppExchange

It takes up a lot to turn your brand customer’s favorite and earn their loyalty to reap long-term benefits. Loyal customers tend to give you more business than any other new customer. Owing to the fact, returning customers already had past experiences with your brand, you get the benefit of much-reduced serving cost in comparison to new customers.

Thus, businesses are leaning more towards earning contented and loyal customers. And due to the ubiquity and scalability of texts, it has become the most popular choice of marketers for massive outreach in minimal time. So, rather than looking for a standalone bulk SMS app on AppExchange, you can opt for a 360 SMS app for Salesforce and perform much more beyond bulk text operations.

Repeat Business is a Good Business

Though texting seems to be a run-of-the-mill communication channel, its potential to acquire desired results in a less time frame makes it extraordinary. So whether it is about driving more loyal customers or quick communication, text-based communication has become the first preference of marketers and customers.

Let’s find out how firms can smartly use texting to redefine their customer relationships and earn customers’ loyalty in reward.

Want to use fast SMS automation to cultivate repeat business? Here’s how

Be there at Every Step of your Customer’s Lifecycle

Undoubtedly, text messages are no less than magic when it comes to connecting and engaging with audiences.

For business communication, text messages come with several benefits attached to them. How you serve & support your customers immensely impacts their retention rate with a brand. So even if you are redefining your support strategies, it can make a prominent difference to your business.

With texts, you can make it effortless for your clients to interact and get a quick resolution to their queries. By providing texting feasibility, you put everything at their fingertips and allow your customers to perform any activity promptly. Whether a user is looking forward to asking a question, comment, or ordering something, your customer care agents can assist them with quick replies or automated texts and serve them much conveniently. As a result, customers will be happier, and you can nurture long-term relationships.

Reduce delayed Interactions, Engage Frequently

A slight provocation from your competitor’s end can be the cause of your existing customer’s shift.

No matter whether you are into the business of products or services, keep engaging with your clients rolling out new offers, discounts, and reminder messages if you are offering services.

This is not the end. With 360 SMS bulk texting capability, you can apprise your customers about new or improved products, make recommendations, and upsell based on their past purchases. 360 SMS lets you send texts to millions conveniently and prevents you from searching a bulk text message app on AppExchange.

When you have the quickest and reliable means by your side, there are millions of ways to engage and keep customers indulged in your brand.

Capture personal data, Sense & Serve personal needs

Surveys through texts are the quickest means to know your customers and find out rooms for better penetration.

Send them texts embedding questions probing about their taste, preferences, and favorites and offer them enticing deals in exchange for a few minutes to answer those questions.

All these data work as a gold mine for marketers to come up with more personalized offers that are just hard to resist by customers.

Heading towards laser-focused targeting, segment your list based on customer choices, and shoot custom offer messages in bulk. Therefore, with deeper penetration, you can hit the spot and acquire more returning customers by enhancing their satisfaction level.

Lower turnaround for you & them

Get laser-focused text automation that saves everyone time with 360 SMS

There are enormous opportunities to entice, engage, and retain customers with 360 SMS, a Salesforce-native text marketing app on AppExchange.

So, to seize these opportunities without draining time, texts have narrowed down the communication gap between businesses and customers. Also, it has opened up newfangled ways to capture customer loyalty and shoot up their satisfaction level at every step. While serving new to old clients, texts have been a consistent player to add up value to business operations, minimizing their time-consumption and maximizing overall returns.