Localization is the Key to Success

Why Should you Localize Business Communications

Do you know, according to CSA research, 75% of customers agreed that they prefer to buy from a brand again if they get support in their native language after sales?

This is the power of localization. Here are some reasons to look at.

Trust Building

Don’t you think people are more likely to respond when they receive calls from a local number?

Yes, they do.

It gives them confidence that the call is genuine.

On the contrary, they are pretty skeptical when they receive calls from the numbers of some other countries. It creates trust issues.

So, you can easily build trust by localizing the numbers you use to call your prospects and customers.

More Engagement

Customer engagement is always at stake when there is a communication gap.

When customers try to reach out to you, and they have to speak to someone speaking a different language they are not comfortable with – it is a huge problem. This adversely affects the engagement rate.

So, it is essential for you to route calls in a way that they can connect with a representative who speaks their language.

There is a certain degree of trust when customers speak to somebody who knows their language and culture.

It becomes easier for customers to connect to you and open up more, leading to better engagement.

And many times, you may not understand them, but an agent who understands their culture can. This leads to better relationships.

Unique Brand Recall

Consistency in sender identity not only creates trust but also helps you build brand recall as you no longer remain unknown to recipients, and they can recognize your brand.

So, when you use the same local number to send SMS from Salesforce or contact your prospects and customers, people can relate that number to your brand.

Hence, it acts as your brand identity, and your brand becomes more recognizable.

How to Localize Communications

Use Local Numbers

You might have a significant customer base in different parts of the world.

So, it wouldn’t be wise to contact them using a number containing a different country code.

Instead, use a local number and be consistent with the sender’s identity whenever you contact a specific prospect or customer. This will help you build trust and drive more responses.

Route Call to Native Language Speakers

When people call you, they expect to speak to somebody who speaks their language.

Certain countries are bilingual.
If you have significant audiences in an area with a non-English speaking customer base, you should probably have a team that speaks their language.

So that when somebody calls you from a particular area who might be speaking German, French, etc., you can redirect them to somebody speaking a similar language.

This is also a way to do localization. For automatic routing, you can set up area codes.

Also, based on the time zone of your audiences, you can route calls to connect them with someone working in their time zone.

What’s More Interesting

360 SMS supports every language, script, and special character which you can use to localize communications for your business advantage. You can use this Salesforce SMS app to text back and forth in any language.

Some Surprising Results Reported by Users who Localized Communications

Based on the interviews with customers who localized communications, they reported some surprising results.

Customer responses increase by 63.4% because of local contact numbers.

Overall sales increase by 37.8% because of trust and more engagement.

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Wrapping Up

Localization helps you to present yourself to be more familiar and local. This intrigues audiences to respond to calls and texts instead of ignoring them. Also, they are less suspicious.

Using a consistent local number, you can build recall as people can recognize your brand immediately, which is impossible when you contact your audiences using a new number every time.

Over and above, you can comfort your customers to speak up and engage by connecting them to native speakers who can understand them well.

Consequently, this leads to better and lasting relationships, resulting in more business.

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