Let’s Schedule Christmas and New Year Greetings. Watch festive messages bring in New Customers and Increase Loyalty.

What Should be the Approach for Christmas and New year Campaigns


Effective strategy building needs time, so you have ample time to develop innovative ideas and plan the calendar well.

It would be best to start your campaigns 2-3 months before Christmas and New Year so that you can connect and engage with them before they get lost in the celebrations of festivities.

This is because the buying process of people starts much earlier before they make purchases. Early September would be an ideal time to begin your campaigns.

Tone and Voice

Every festival has a unique essence; you should replicate it while defining your marketing strategies.

Christmas and New Year have an element of joy, celebration, and happiness. So, as a brand, you should be smart enough to use the right tone and voice.

For Christmas and New year, the tone of Salesforce text messages should be joyous, cheerful, and lighthearted.

Types of Messages you Can Send during Christmas and New Year.


In a business, effort is not limited to just sales. Better relationships with customers play a vital role in driving long-term sales.

So, for this, you can plan Christmas and New Year greetings. This way, you can show that you care about your prospects and customers.

Cross-selling and Upselling Messages

Based on the customer purchase history, you can send messages for cross-selling and upselling to increase sales during Christmas and New Year.

Customer Loyalty Programs

One of the best ways to drive engagement and sales during Christmas and New Year is to run a loyalty program.

You can offer special rewards or exclusive benefits to the participating customers. This would help you increase participation.

Further, you can make loyalty programs time-sensitive to drive more engagement in a specified timeframe.

Messages for Increasing In-store Visits

You can send messages to increase in-store visits if you’re running a brick-and-mortar store.

You can make special promotions or incentivize customers to visit in-store.

This would help you drive more prospects and customers to your store.

Announcements with Festival Theme

To incorporate the festival’s spirit, you can make announcements by adding a festival theme to the messages.

You can announce fresh arrivals on Christmas or upcoming sales and discounts to intrigue audiences before the sale is live.

Custom Offers and Discounts

Make your prospects and customers feel special on Festivals like Christmas and New year.

You can send tailored deals, offers, and discounts segmenting your customers based on their past purchase history, preferences, and behavior.

As everyone loves discounts on their preferred products and services, people are likelier to purchase when they get good deals and offers.

Last Sale Day Reminder

You can boost last-day sales before the Christmas or New year sale ends by sending a reminder.

You can even create Salesforce SMS templates in advance for faster text operations.

By sending a reminder, you can develop a sense of emergency and nudge customers who still need to purchase.

Post-Festival Round-up

Even after events and festivals, engagement is important.

You can send exclusive coupon codes to loyal customers, send feedback URLs, or ask them to opt-in to receive updates on upcoming festivals.

This way, you can nurture your bonds and keep customers hooked up.

Some Interesting Outcomes Reported by Users who Scheduled Texts during Festivals

Based on the customer’s interviews, here are some outcomes reported by our users who scheduled texts for Christmas and New Year.

Customer engagement and responses increase by 35.8% because of irresistible deals and offers.

Overall returns increase by 38.6% because of loyalty programs and festival campaigns.

SMS 360
Having SMS in Salesforce has not only enhanced our customer experience but also has allowed us to automate and be more efficient in response time. Great service and kudos to the Engineering Team who have been wonderful to work with.

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping Up

Christmas and New Year are widely celebrated festivals all over the world. This makes it essential for businesses to create effective marketing and engagement strategies to drive better returns.

This way, you can make the best out of Christmas and New Year festivals by connecting with audiences through text. They’re an opportunity to easily strengthen relationships and build a loyal customer following with meaningful messages. This eventually builds top-of-mind recall and helps to drive repeat purchases and maximize sales in the long term.

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