Some Counterintuitive Marketing Strategies for 2023!

A time-tested marketing approach for you to try

Effective marketing is only possible when you understand marketing to the core.

Customer text responses sometimes aren’t even close to what you envision.


The reason could be that customers don’t find your Salesforce messages relevant to their needs.

Rather than listening to what your brand offers, they are keener to learn about what problem your product or service solves.

So while creating your marketing plans and messages, you should put yourself in the customer shoes to understand their pain points.

Send marketing messages in a way that addresses the deepest desire of customers and compels them to respond.

People should have an interest in listening to your brand. And this is only possible when you deliver something of value and matters to them the most. This would help you improve your Salesforce SMS marketing.

You must expand your point of view. You should detach yourself from your business offerings and attach yourself to the needs and desires of your customers.

Beyond a certain point, if you keep thinking that you’re correct and the customer is wrong, a sale would become impossible due to mental blockage.
Instead, your approach should be that no one is wrong from a seller’s and the buyer’s point of view.

This will help you find a mid-way out to provide a resolution to your customer and guide them towards a purchase.

With this approach, you can even convert stubborn prospects and leave a lasting brand impression by being flexible.

Besides, it will also contribute to a positive brand reputation and make you the brand that shines and is known for its marketing approaches.

Never try to sell before creating an urge.

Perform actions in a sequence.

Consider this: Would you like to buy from someone you don’t trust?
Obviously, not.

You need to eliminate typical sales conversations. Start with building trust and position yourself as an authority. This will help you eliminate the trust deficit.

Try to present yourself as an expert and convince your potential customers by giving them well-researched content and interesting facts they don’t know.

This will help you create a good impression and position yourself as an expert.

Then, at last, try to drive them towards intended actions, whether it is a meeting, a product demo, a free trial, or anything else.

Forget about your business offerings. Focus on customer pain points

When you explicitly talk about your product or services, customers often fail to understand its value, no matter how good your business offering is.

Instead, they feel your ultimate goal is to sell, and you do everything to achieve this specific goal.

Rather than boasting about your business offerings, present yourself as an expert who profoundly understands pain points. This will automatically turn things in your favor.

People actually listen to you and see your business offering as a solution to their problem.

Focus on influencing people’s behavior for sales

One thing to remember is that marketing shouldn’t be confused with selling.

When you focus on marketing, sales automatically happen.

Your approach should be to influence people’s behavior by offering massive value for FREE. That doesn’t mean discounts. It just means whatever you offer your customers, it should be irresistible to drive an intended action.

In a way, we can say that it is a behavior-changing, ethical bribe that addresses the deepest pain point or secret desire of potential customers.

If you don’t know their secret pain points or secret desires, try to discover them through feedback.

You can experiment with different approaches to change the behavior of potential customers until you get the desired results.

This will help you prepare the minds of your potential customers to buy.

Once you establish yourself as an expert rather than a vendor, you can easily sell in bulk without much effort.

You simply need to perform actions in sequence rather than directly jumping into a sales conversation. And these actions must include discovery of pain points along with authority and trust building.

The knockout Results Reported by users of these strategies

Based on the interviews with customers who followed given marketing strategies, they reported some otherworld results that even we had a hard time believing.

Customer responses and overall sales increase by 4x (nearly 397%) because of more leads they received by sequencing text messages according to the above marketing sequence.

Wrapping Up

As you have just seen, apart from communicating about your business offering effectively, impactful marketing also helps you close more deals. You simply need to expand your point of view and present your business offerings as the best solution they could ever find to solve their existing business issues. That way, you never have to count on offers and discounts to boost sales.

Your potential customers will come to you proactively to get the solution. This is often not possible when you market your business offering conventionally rather than presenting them as a solution to your customer’s problem.

After all, a solution is what customers need.

Otherwise, there are many in the market to boast about their products and services.

Implementing the given tips and tricks, you can add new dimensions to marketing i2023 and noticeably see the difference.

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