Surprise Tip: SMS Campaigns, only 670x cheaper with the 360 SMS Marketing Cloud Add-on

How does the 360 SMS Marketing Cloud Add-On help?

Gives you a Unified View of Marketing Cloud and 360 SMS Data in Salesforce

The 360 SMS Marketing Cloud Add-On helps you sync the entire Marketing Cloud journey and SMS history with Salesforce.

This helps to gain insights into actionable data, which you use to plan your marketing journey and send emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages, etc.

Provides a Much Cheaper Solution for Texting through Marketing Cloud

You can eliminate your dependency on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio for messaging with this powerful add-on. Texting through Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio is expensive as it takes 40 credits to send one text message.

With the 360 SMS Marketing Cloud add-on, you can send messages at a minimal cost and cut back on high messaging bills.

This makes this add-on 670 times cheaper than Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio.

Accelerates Message Composition

With the 360 SMS Marketing Cloud add-on, you do not have to build automation and Tasks to schedule and send each message, investing a lot of time.

You can accelerate message composition with an out-of-the-box message composer.

Plus, you can import pre-built text message templates into the marketing cloud you’ve created in 360 SMS.

Also, you can merge any custom field value into the text messages you send and accelerate marketing pursuits.

Empowers You to Send Messages with Drag-and-Drop

The 360 SMS Marketing Cloud add-on frees you from using Tasks in the journey builder while sending SMS.

It lets you access drag-and-drop capabilities in the Marketing Cloud, using which you can even send SMS and WhatsApp messages in the email journey.

This simplifies your marketing communications dramatically and reduces the time to campaign launch.

Interesting Results Reported by Our 360 SMS Marketing Cloud Add-on Users

Here are some surprising results based on the experiences and interviews with some of our 360 SMS Marketing Cloud add-on users.

Marketing returns increase by 22.3% due to the multi-channel marketing from the Marketing Cloud.

Messaging expenses reduces by 670 times because of cost-effective messaging from the Marketing Cloud.

Amazing Streamlined Service!
This app has helped us tremendously with communicating with our customers! It's convenient and since it's integrated directly into Salesforce it's also efficient for our AE's to use and understand! 10000% would recommend it to others!

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping up

You’ve just seen how the 360 SMS Marketing Cloud add-on can help you cut back on texting expenses so dramatically that you shouldn’t send an SMS campaign without it. It also eliminates dependency on creating Tasksin your Marketing Cloud completely, and accelerates your marketing tasks.

With this life-changing add-on, you can boost your marketing efforts, deliver a personalized journey using actionable data, and tweak your email marketing journeys with interesting messages.

This should make a world of difference in the way you handle your marketing pursuits through Marketing Cloud. Trust me; you’ll wonder how you ever even sent SMS campaigns without it.

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