Everything you need to know about 1-on-1 Conversational Texting

Customers want to be reached out to when their interests are still fresh, and in real or near-real-time. Receiving a call from a representative for a text response sent months back seems forced. 

From here on out, you can say ‘No’ to communication gaps with the Salesforce-native texting app, and speak 1-on-1 with customers over text to build relationships.

Say hello to ‘1-on-1 Conversational Texting’

360 SMS apps’ 1-on-1 texting feature lets users chat through Conversation View, which gives you a single-window view of all conversation histories in one pane.

Without switching to different windows one after the other, the feature helps you send 1-on-1 messages and talk to the person of interest.

Why should you care about one-on-one conversational texting?

Because it lets representatives have deeper 2-way conversations instead of traditional bulk messages that may get you one-time sales, but don’t build relationships that bring renewals and valuable repeat business.

If you’re a sales representative, it’s highly likely you’ll get several messages coming your way, from multiple senders. And without 1-on-1 texting, users would need to keep switching between records to reply to every single message. Not to mention, these responses would hardly be in time,

Also, replying to one message at a time, further increases the reply duration for other incoming messages.

1-on-1 conversational texting enables you to handle multiple messages from different senders and reply right away, addressing their concerns.

How 1-on-1 Conversational Texting Helps Representatives

Good-riddance To Filled Inboxes

When SMSes drop into your inbox one-after-another, the inability to reply instantly may put you in a fix. In a service-desk scenario, you might rack up significant ticket debt and risk losing customers.

1-on-1 empowers representatives in any business everything they need to soar through cases accumulated and immediately equips them with several time-saving capabilities. You could also use 1-on-1 Convesartional texting to personalize WhatsApp messages en masse.

Familiarization And Ease-of-use

With an intuitive chat-like interface, similar to popular messaging apps, end-users can count on this feature for a seamless chatting experience. This is what gives 360SMS, and in particular, 1-on-1 Conversational Texting its flatter learning curve. 

Support Filters To Save Time

Based on dates, keywords, unread messages, or star-marked messages,

texts can be separated and queried. Thus, through support filters and minimal busywork, 1-on-1 would point you to the right message threads and comes to the rescue of users searching for specific responses

Assurance Of Messages Delivery And Auto-refreshed Chat

1-on-1 conversational texting serves users with a delivery report for each message sent. Equally important, to render a lossless texting experience, 

the chats get auto-refreshed.


The 1-on-1 conversational texting feature of the 360 SMS app gives users a familiar real-time messaging interface to ensure a zero-learning curve and understandability, despite packing in some exceptional features for end-users. This feature hits the spot when it comes to instant communication needs and seamless texting.