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Drip Campaign

Text Message Drip Campaigns in 360 SMS for Hybrid, Well-rounded Communication

The power of automation has drastically changed the old-school ways of performing tasks and has enabled organizations to perform operations more efficiently and faster.

Salesforce Drip Campaign in 360 SMS lets you harness the power of automation and texting altogether.

Driving down the busywork across verticals, 360 SMS’ Drip Campaigns minimize the manual input that expands work timelines and lets you automate the messaging process effortlessly.

Initiate instant, personal connections for ANY vertical, with hybrid campaigns

The need for texting varies in business as time goes by. Thus, text messages are not just limited to marketing products. It extends to serving customers as well. With pre-scheduled texts, you can remind customers of due-dates without intervening manually.

Modifying the use of texts, Salesforce texting solution, 360 SMS enriches its users with automated texting through Salesforce Drip Campaigns. Irrespective of industries, the Drip Campaign lets businesses perform text-related tasks more smoothly, allowing them to schedule and send messages at a specific time.

Here’s how Drip Campaigns in 360 SMS acts as a turning point for some service segments.

Service or E-commerce- Payment Reminders

Whether you are offering products or services, the recurring payment paradigm is quite common among customers. And when it comes to repetitive payments, businesses often struggle to squeeze out payments on time. Here the Drip SMS Campaign feature can act as a case-appropriate feature to remind users of their due payments and deadlines. 

So, to push messages for any subscription ending due date, EMI submission last date, or any other, you can put texts on drips. All you need to do is, define a series of reminder templates and schedule them at various intervals using days offset or time offset options. Even if you feel the need for sending out messages at a specific time of the day, then also the feature lets you do that

Education- Onboarding Messages to Assist Students

For new students, it may be challenging to go through the onboarding process without any assistance. But Drip Campaigns provide feasibility to educational institutions to make the onboarding process far simpler for new admissions. 

An onboarding process can last for more than 2 or 3 days. The Salesforce Drip Campaign feature lets you schedule informational messages that will go out on day 1, carrying first-day process details, day 2 carrying second-day process details, and so on.

Banking- Document Collection & Verification

An industry like banking involves extensive documentation work. Without necessary documents, it may be problematic to take processes forward like loan processing, account opening, etc. Further, specified timelines to collect documents make the process more demanding.

Through Drip SMS Campaigns, it will be much easier to collect documents within specified timeframes. You can schedule messages reminding customers of document submissions. Besides, you can schedule and send messages for document verification by embedding links in texts and ask customers to verify documents by clicking on the link.

Avoid last-minute chaos & Opportunity misses, help recipients prepare with Drip Campaigns

Undoubtedly, the 360 SMS’ Drip Campaign feature has provided a unique way to inform customers beforehand and circulate crucial information before any event of importance. Pre-scheduling of texts not only prevents users from the last-minute chaos of sending messages but also aid in deriving timely payments from customers without any miss.  

Whether it is about monthly updates, greeting texts, or any other requirement, the Salesforce Drip Campaign feature holds enough potential to cater to unique time-sensitive messaging needs.