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Text surveyNot Sure How to Use a Text Survey? Here are 4 Ways to Use it

Promotions and advertisements are some dime-a-dozen activities for which texting is used in the business. But text messaging in business provides enormous ways to tap into two-way messaging and take business communications to the next level. Business texting has provided an ease of communication to business owners and employees. 

So why not use it to hear back from your audiences and collect their opinions. This could help you make informed decisions in business. Salesforce text survey provides the best means to collect data at scale cost-effectively. And the best part is it’s easy to set up and helps organizations capture data much faster.

Ways to Use Text Survey for Business

  • Competitor Analysis

One of the best ways to use a text survey for business is to perform a competitor analysis. Without knowing your competitors, you can’t outclass them.

So this is where you can count on SMS Survey to know your competitors better. 

For example, if you are a skincare product seller, you can ask questions, like which brand skincare range a person uses, why a person prefers a specific brand, etc.

This would help you understand your competitors better and outclass them.

  • Feedback Capturing at Scale

Until you don’t know what’s wrong, you keep doing things wrong. 

Similarly, if organizations don’t know what’s wrong with their product or service, they can’t improve.

With text surveys in Salesforce, firms can easily connect with audiences over their mobile phones and seek feedback.

Business ventures can collect feedback about product performance, support and sales agent behavior, etc. This would help to find room for improvement and improvise business offerings.

  • Easy Opinion Capturing on Events and Services

With the help of well-planned surveys with appropriate survey responses, you can easily maximize  SMS survey replies.

While planning to organize an event, a seminar, a conference, or opening a new office branch, etc., you can gauge the audience interest level using a text poll.

You can send simple questions with answer choices  Yes or No to anticipate people’s participation and interest in a particular event. This would help you plan better.

Besides, you can use text surveys to measure the success of an event. You can send surveys with questions like how satisfied they are with an event, what they like and what not, etc. 

  • Deeper Penetration into Audiences’ Choice

Text surveys are easy to configure. Even better, with the 360 SMS app, you can configure surveys with drag-and-drop capability, saving time and eliminating the dependency on experts. 

You can add questions probing about the likes and dislikes of potential customers, their preferences, pain points, etc. to know them better. 

With such data, you can run more targeted Salesforce SMS campaigns and also make informed decisions. This could help you get better returns. 

Capture Data Cost-Effectively and Faster at Scale

Text survey in Salesforce provides the easiest way to capture required data at scale. Unlike traditional surveys, you do not have to wait longer for responses. Text surveys help you capture responses much faster and conveniently. More importantly, text surveys are a cost-effective method to collect relevant data and adopt an analytical approach while planning text operations.

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