Facebook integration for BusinessFacebook Salesforce Integration for Business Accounts

There was a time when businesses were dependent on TV ads, print ads, newspaper ads, etc., to increase brand exposure. But now things have changed. 

Thanks to social media. 

It has become much easier for brands to connect with audiences at scale and achieve different business goals.

Hands down, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform, with around 2.5 billion monthly users.

Thus, if you are looking forward to growing your business, you can’t afford to miss a robust Facebook presence for your brand.

Facebook Salesforce integration for business accounts should always be top of mind. Here’re some top reasons why?

Why Businesses Need Facebook Salesforce Integration

  • Increases Brand Exposure

In a highly competitive environment, every business strives to secure more customers.

With Salesforce Facebook integration, it gets easy to exhibit your brand to millions using a single platform and provide more exposure to your brand.

You can create a Facebook business page and expand your brand’s internet presence.

Also, you can add crucial information about your business (address, contact information, etc.), upcoming events, products, and services.

This way, you can provide an easy way for your audiences to reach your brand and keep them posted.

More importantly, you can respond to all your incoming leads from Salesforce and manage them better, with the help of an ultimate Facebook Salesforce integration.

  • Helps With Audience Understanding  

The Facebook business page provides you with many capabilities to run more targeted and effective campaigns.

You gain insights into meaningful data like audience insights and demographics.

Using this data, you can segment your audiences and create effective marketing strategies based on demographics.

This way, you can run more targeted campaigns and max out returns.

  • Allows to Market Cost-Effectively 

With Facebook  Salesforce integration, you can tap into more cost-effective marketing.

You get numerous features for marketing and analytics which are either free of charge or cost-effective, and you can use them for marketing advantage.

Hence, you can run targeted Facebook and messenger ads and market your business offerings to billions with fewer investments.

  • Helps with Brand Building 

Facebook is all about showcasing and engaging with your audiences.

With Facebook Salesforce integration, you get enormous ways to engage with your audiences and build your brand. You can create and share branded posts.

Besides, you can like, share, and comment to engage with audiences showing your brand participation.

You can post the latest updates about your business, new offerings, discounts, events, etc. 

In short, you can turn audiences into brand followers by consistently sharing valuable and entertaining content.

  • Increases Website Traffic

Smart business owners can leverage their company’s Facebook page to drive website traffic.

By integrating Salesforce with Facebook, apart from boosting brand engagement, you can increase website traffic too.

Instead of creating posts for engagement and just being an entertainer, you can create posts linking to your website.

Consequently, you can generate more leads from Facebook.

Showcase Your Brand to Millions through Robust Facebook Presence

Nowadays, almost every individual uses Facebook, which is why Facebook is the largest social media platform. So, Facebook Salesforce integration makes it feasible for users to reap the advantages of this powerful platform for business growth.

Users can use its extensive Facebook audiences for business growth with the proper targeting and marketing approaches. They can increase target audiences, nurture Facebook leads, build long-term relationships, boost engagement, drive website traffic, and more to expand their business.

To know more about how you can use make the best out of Salesforce Facebook integration, reach out to our experts at care@360smsapp.com or contact us here.