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Salesforce Line IntegrationClueless About How to Start with Salesforce Line Integration? Find Out What an Ideal Integration Looks Like

Communication methodologies are vital in laying the foundation of success in any business. Choosing communication channels prudently in Salesforce is essential to make a more significant impact. Until you do not have the proper channels in Salesforce, it is tough to communicate effectively with your potential customers while scaling your business worldwide. 

People residing in different countries have unique preferences for communication channels. This is something you must consider while integrating communication channels in Salesforce.

If you are looking forward to scaling your business in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and other South East Asian countries, Line integration with Salesforce should be top of mind. It is the most popular super app used by Japanese and South Asians for daily communications.

According to the Business of Apps report, four main markets of Line have captured 178 million LINE users, with 92 million in Japan alone.

While choosing the right channel based on your target country is crucial, choosing a proper Line integration is equally important to get the best capabilities for managing Line communications.

Let’s look at an ideal Salesforce Line integration to understand and outline what you need to succeed over the Line platform.

Ideal Salesforce Line integration

Scalable Line Messaging

When you target prospects and customers of a specific country, you don’t have many choices of channels to connect with audiences. 

You have to stick to a particular channel for conveying various business-related information. 

Whether it is about marketing, promotions, engagement, or any other business goal, you always need a scalable communication solution to connect with a large audience segment.  

Therefore, an ideal Line Salesforce should allow you to send bulk messages and let you scale Line conversations without any limitation of choosing a defined number of recipients in one go. 

This will help you connect with millions of Line audiences faster and more conveniently. 

In addition, by integrating Line in Salesforce along with other channels, you can untap multi-channel marketing potential.

According to Invesp, 95% of marketers are familiar with the importance of multichannel marketing for targeting. But, only 73% follow a multichannel strategy.

Salesforce Line Integration Supporting Two-way Line Messaging

Users sometimes want to connect with a brand at their will using texts instead of calls. 

You should be able to cater to their needs. While targeting Japanese and Southeast Asian audiences, you may encounter numerous incoming inquiries over Line. This is where P2P messaging is required.

A correct Salesforce Line integration should enable you to communicate person-to-person when they want to converse one-on-one over Line. 

Further, you should be able to access chat history so your audience does not have to repeat themselves every time they reach your brand through Line messaging.

No-Code Automation for Line Texting

Various business operations are non-revenue generating and need less manual intervention. 

This is where you need to put Line conversations on autopilot to save time and reduce manual intervention. 

Even to deal with repeated inquiries and questions from customers, automated conversations are needed. 

Hence, an ideal Salesforce Line integration should help you with convenient and straightforward automation capabilities. 

When coding is not involved, you can automate Line messages yourself.  

Besides, you can configure Surveys and Salesforce chatbot for Line with point and click, eliminating the dependency on experts. 

Easily Configurable Line Campaigns

When you don’t choose Salesforce line integration prudently, it usually increases the time frame of Line operations. And this applies to Line campaigns also. 

A proper line integration should allow you to configure campaigns without coding and much effort. 

Apart from this, you should be able to target audiences on different channels (if your target audiences are on other channels) while running a single drip campaign

This would help you maximize responses. 

Audience segmentation through keywords

One of the most critical factors that lead to the extended time frame of Line campaigns is audience segmentation. 

An ideal Salesforce Line integration provides you with all capabilities you need to accelerate Line operations. 

You should be able to segment your Line audiences by filtering keywords. This will help simplify the audience segmentation process and send subsequent texts faster.

Compliant Line Messaging

When it comes to Line messaging, ensuring compliance should be a top priority. 

Suppose your customers or prospects express a preference for receiving messages from one branch instead of all others or for educational content instead of marketing messages. In that case, a blanket opt-in or opt-out approach may not suffice. 

Instead, a more effective and compliant strategy would involve selectively opting in and out of messages.

For this reason, it is important to seek out a Salesforce Line integration that offers this capability for compliant messaging

This will help you stay ahead of upcoming Line messaging rules and regulations and make compliance management much easier. 

Adding custom fields can also be useful in managing new Line texting compliances without any additional investment or compliance mechanism.

Tap into Advanced Messaging with An Ideal Salesforce Line Integration

An ideal Salesforce Line integration never ties you to a limited set of features and capabilities. In fact, it provides you with a wide range of features to simplify and faster your Line communications. You can automate and communicate with audiences effectively, reducing manual intervention and saving more time for core operations. Besides, you can conveniently configure chatbot and surveys yourself, which helps you cut back on business expenses. Business scaling turns easier as you can also scale Line communications without needing an additional scalable solution. You can manage Line conversations conveniently at scale, improving overall business efficiency.  

So, what are you waiting for? Turn to our experts at or click here to contact us and get Line integrated into your Salesforce for advanced texting capabilities.