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Facebook marketing trendsTop 4 Facebook Marketing Trends in 2022

With around 2.5 billion monthly users, Facebook is the number 1 social media platform in the World. This makes Facebook a perfect channel to find out millions of potential audiences for business, acquire new customers, and improve business outreach and sales.

The absence of Facebook as a business communication channel can lead to the loss of many potential opportunities on your way. But only incorporating Facebook messenger for business interactions isn’t enough.

When you build a social media marketing strategy, Facebook trends should be top of mind to gain a competitive edge over other competitors.

So, to help you make the best out of Facebook for business, here are the top Facebook marketing trends to follow for effective branding and engagement.

Facebook Marketing Trends You Should keep Up With

#1) Go Live on Facebook 

Going live on Facebook has become a popular trend for businesses to drive awareness and improve sales. What makes it even better is firms can use live videos despite having a limited budget for advertising. And this trend of Facebook marketing is not going to vanish soon as millions of users watch these videos daily.

According to Facebook stats, businesses that go live to advertise their business offerings get 178% higher engagement than normal posts.

The reason could be live videos help with live interactions with audiences. So, using live videos, you could answer queries of your potential customers and present a 360-degree view of your product or live demo to improve sales.

#2) Use Reels for Grabbing Eyeballs

One of the best things about Facebook reels is it’s not just limited to your followers and known ones. 

So, it helps businesses to expand their reach and acquire more customers. The Facebook reel is an emerging trend and fastest-growing marketing format that allows brands to take their marketing to the next level.

Reels have much better visibility as they are present on the Watch tab, at the home feed top, in Stories, and are also suggested to users in the Facebook news feed.

Thus, this is the best option to grab the attention of audiences and promote their brand effectively.

#3) Use Facebook for Presenting Brand Information

With changing scenarios, the preferences of audiences have also changed. Now audiences are no more just limited to a brand’s website to collect relevant information.

Instead, they turn to social media platforms like Facebook to know about you, your business offerings, people’s reviews, etc. 

As per Hootsuite 2022 trend report, 53% of internet users aged 16-24 turn to social media platforms to collect information while researching brands.

So, other than maintaining a website, keep your company’s information updated on your Facebook business page and optimize it to deliver business information conveniently. 

#4) Personalize Facebook Ads to Improve ROI

Facebook provides remarkable audience targeting capabilities that are unmatched by any other social media platform. You can use these capabilities in Salesforce to deliver a personalized marketing experience to your audiences. You need to understand what your customers need to convert them effortlessly.

According to research, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase if a company offers a personalized experience.

So, you can tailor ads for personalized marketing using the data that Facebook collected.

You can also use audience insights to understand them better and gauge their behavior, intent, demographic, etc. This would help you create highly personalized ads for effective targeting.

With Facebook audience selection tools, you can find lookalike audiences for your business and also customize your audience list.

Why Should you Care About Staying on top of Facebook marketing trends?

Staying on top of Facebook marketing trends helps you stay ahead of the curve in adopting new marketing trends. Also, this lets you stay ahead in the advertising game and grab the audience’s attention using an innovative approach which is not so common in the advertising space.

Facebook is a quite powerful platform for marketing, which holds a diverse group of audiences. Thus, you can easily target audiences globally and acquire new customers by keeping up with the latest marketing trends.

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