360 Sms App Best Salesforce App for your business
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Best Salesforce SMS App For Your Business And Marketing Requirements

Salesforce is the most trusted CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Also in 360 Degree Cloud, we use cloud computing platform to build our app. With the use of cloud computing technology, you can work from anywhere using just a computing device with an internet connection. Also in cloud computing, the data is never lost. Even if an error occurs in your system like system failure or such, you can easily retrieve your data from the cloud.

These major benefits of cloud computing help your work to be reliable and flexible.

In 360 Degree Cloud, we constantly improve our app according to your marketing needs. We have developed an app on Salesforce platform called the 360SMS app.  Salesforce is the number one CRM tool so we have used this platform for your benefit. The main focus of any business and marketing firm is customer satisfaction. In order to reach your customers, we have used an efficient communication way through SMS.

This SMS communication is made easy with added features by our 360 SMS app. The major advantage of SMS marketing is that you can reach your majority of the people; even those who are using a basic phone.

Thus due to Salesforce SMS Marketing, you can reach a wide range of people and expand your market. The main benefit of our app is that; it makes a simple SMS service more reliable with added features.

Our 360 SMS app provides features like scheduled SMS service, template SMS messaging, customized template messaging, SMS reminder service, SMS alert, and so on. Its topmost ranked Salesforce SMS App. These features of our 360 SMS app make your business communication so easy and reliable that you don’t have to worry about any communication issue. Also, we offer a week’s trail service for you so that you will get to know what exactly you will get from our 360 SMS app. You will also get to know the ease of using our app.

We always offer you a 24X7 customer support in case you face any issues and our technicians will promptly resolve all of your queries.