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Conversation Manager

How to Manage Multiple Conversations Conveniently with 360 SMS

It is never easy for organizations to manage communications, especially when an agent is communicating with multiple users at the same time. Hopping over multiple windows waste a lot of employee’s time and hamper their efficiency too. But 360 SMS makes it much easier for its users to manage communications at scale without navigating to multiple windows one-by-one.

360 SMS has a Conversation Manager feature that fulfills most of your messaging requirements and allows you to perform many texting operations from a single-window console. Agents can chat with multiple prospects without wasting time in switching between the tabs. This makes conversation management easier like never before.

Using this single-window pane, users can easily filter keyword responses and send customized replies to the users in bulk. Not only this, user can also send a single text to an individual, if required. This way, agents can shrink the timeframe of texting operations and work faster.

Besides, agents can also perform in-line editing and update records without navigating to the record page. If required, they can open the record page in a separate window for further editing. This makes it more convenient for users to update records with minimal effort and time investment.

For convenient messaging, agents can customize List Views applying various filters and logic. The best part is, agents can export these List Views to Pdf or Excel if required.

Thus, enabling users to perform multiple text operations from a single-window console, Conversation Manager makes conversation management easier for users and interact with multiple users conveniently.


Conversation manager allows users to send, receive, and filter messages using a single-window pane. No matter whether agents want to send a single text message or bulk messages, agents can easily reduce the overall time frame and cut back on the grunt work of filtering responses one-by-one. Plus, zero-navigation operations add more convenience to users, enable them to perform text operations faster.