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Here’s how the Hospitality Industry Can Use an SMS App

Ever wondered how implementing text messages in your business process can ease your hectic schedule? Talking about the Hospitality Industry, it becomes really difficult for a person at the help desk to attend all calls and reply to them patiently with a required solution. Also, the process of explaining each and every problem is a time-consuming thing and can cost you more bucks than expected. Taking an example of a hotel, we can say that the receptionist performs a really tough job of greeting every individual with a smile, no matter, however, the situation is. Her primary job is to attend calls, listening to the complaints and feedbacks of the customers patiently and then responding them back with the desired solution.

Imagine a scenario when the receptionist is on a leave, and some other person had to handle all these responsibilities single-handedly. Would that be easy?

Here is an example of how texting can ease your problem if a situation like this arises. Have a look:

In this video, we saw how text messages can reduce your burden in an easy way. The Manager decides to handle this responsibility with care when the receptionist of the hotel was on a leave. He got confused and tired of attending long calls by the customers and telling the same things to them. He thought of an idea that included texting to solve all their problems. They got a short-code for their respective hotel and told all the customers to message on the same number if they need anything or wish to file a complaint or give feedback. It facilitates the services well for both- hotel staff and even the customers. This process is less time-consuming, also your customers will thank you for the same.

Similarly, it can be implemented in the concept of room service as well. As of now, customers use a landline phone placed in their rooms to place an order for food but imagine them doing the same by just dropping an SMS. As soon as they drop a message on the given short-code number, they will receive an acknowledgment message for the same and a message confirming their requirements as well. This process will not only save your time and money, but it would make your customers realize that how important it is to be a tech-savvy.

Technology has opened the doors to the pool of infinite opportunities out there and if still, people will not try it out in their day-to-day activities, then it would be a huge loss for them. Not only in the Hospitality sector texting can do wonders, but it can be a great source of profit in each of the sectors that we have around us today. These may include Healthcare, Educational, Finance sector, Logistics, Insurance, Marriage Consultancy, Job opportunities, etc. There is no boundary to this particular usage. The competitive market in this technological era is now shifting their focus from other ways of promotional campaigns to text messages. They want to text to be their prime mode of communication with the customers.

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