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Do you think all your business activities are worth your time? 

No, not really, if you know how to prioritize them.

You need to prioritize and automate certain activities based on their importance in business. 

And this is where the Salesforce chatbot can be your biggest asset to automate business interaction without compromising on the quality of business tasks.

Often businesses are confused about whether they should opt to buy or get a chatbot build by experts. And both methods limit the capabilities of businesses at some point.

An ideal Salesforce Chatbot Integration allows you to be more flexible and gives you more control over a chatbot configuration.

Therefore, business needs the best Chatbot Salesforce integration to help them ditch the set-in-stone model of chatbots that may restrict business personnel capabilities.

A true Salesforce Chatbot integration provides you with much more than what you get from a regular chatbot integration. 

So, here is what an ideal chatbot Salesforce integration looks like help you overcome challenges that come your way while acquiring a chatbot.

What Restricts Businesses from Getting a Chatbot

When creating a chatbot, three significant factors that restrict businesses from getting a chatbot are time, cost, and resources. 

Whenever there is a complex Chatbot requirement, it extends the time frame for Salesforce Chatbot integration. 

It needs complex coding, a pool of skilled resources to build a Chatbot the way a user wants in the first attempt, and a considerable investment. 

Even worse, businesses have to depend on developers for trivial changes like adding a new question to the queue of a question series. This leads to an increase in Salesforce chatbot pricing.

Apart from this, when buying a chatbot, businesses get limited capabilities that may or may not be sufficient to meet the requirements of specific business use cases. 

Also, the architecture of such chatbots is relatively rigid. So there is less or no scope for customization. 

How an Ideal Salesforce Chatbot Integration Should Be

DIY Configurability

With an ideal Chatbot Salesforce integration, you can expect self-sufficiency in building chatbots. 

That way, you can create a new chatbot for unique use cases, eliminating the dependency on developers and experts. With the ease of creating Salesforce chatbots, you can reap various other benefits.

  • Ease of Customization

Best Chatbot integration doesn’t try to force you into any data models. 

Instead, it gives you all the tools to enable all messaging capabilities no matter the data model or use case you choose.

Also, the app’s built natively on Salesforce, so the messaging capabilities work seamlessly with all Salesforce Clouds and can be enabled easily for any custom object.

You can expect a Do-it-Yourself chatbot model, you can customize Salesforce bots with just point and click depending on your requirement. 

You do not have to wait for the availability of experts to make the trivial changes for you. 

  • Accelerated Chatbot Builds

Usually, you might have to move long back and forth with developers to add every new question. 

Also, you can’t test messaging sequences and adapt fast enough. This means the turnaround time is too high.

It requires extensive coding knowledge to build a chatbot, but the case is different with DIY chatbots. 

You can build chatbots without coding knowledge and looking forward to experts. Consequently, you can create chatbots faster.


The best Salesforce Einstein chatbot integrations should also let you cut back on business investment. 

By being self-sufficient in creating a Salesforce texting Chatbot, you can avoid development and maintenance costs in the long run, reducing business investments.

Besides, you can save costs by using pre-integrated channels and tools that you usually invest in integrating different channels or getting the capabilities required to build a chatbot.

Be Self-Reliant and Avoid Paying Developers Choosing the Best Salesforce Chatbot integration 

An ideal Salesforce chatbot integration provides much more than what you get from buying or building a chatbot. It allows users to cut back dependency on developers, reduce business expenses and save time by automating non-revenue generating activities. You can configure as many Salesforce chatbots as you want for different use cases. You can configure chatbots to answer frequently asked questions or qualify incoming leads. This way, you automate non-revenue-generating activities and save time for high-priority tasks. More importantly, you do not need to pay whenever you want to get a chatbot for a specific use case.

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