NPS with SMS

How to Collect and Calculate NPS over SMS

Every organization puts its best efforts into making its products and services stand out from the competitors and maximizing customer satisfaction in every way. But it’s always the customer’s opinion and experience that influence product success in the market. Thus, it becomes crucial for companies to understand how satisfied customers are with your product and how likely they will refer it to others. This is where NPS comes into the picture and you can effortlessly collect and calculate NPS with SMS.

What is NPS?

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and is a crucial metric to measure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and willingness to recommend your product and services to others. The better the score is, the happier a customer is. So, to collect these scores, you can run a short Survey and ask customers to rate product, company, service, behavior, etc., on a scale of 0-10.

How is NPS Calculated

NPS is calculated based on scores given by different users or customers. All you need to do is subtract the percentage of detractors (who criticized the product or rated the product low) from the percentage of promoters (who liked the product or gave high ratings to the product).

Why is it Important to Calculate NPS

NPS reflects through scores how your products and services are performing. With NPS, you can get insights into customer experiences and find loopholes in your business offerings and services to improve them.

Also, it helps to gauge the quality of your customer service compared to others and improve its weak aspects.

How to Collect and Calculate NPS with SMS

A door-to-door approach to collecting the customer’s rating, feedback, and opinions is one of the old-school approaches that hardly exists now. But Salesforce SMS has paved the way for collecting and calculating NPS much more conveniently and faster. 

So, you can conduct text Surveys with a two-part questionnaire. In the first part, you can ask customers to rate your firm, products, services, etc., on a scale of 0 to 10. And in the second part, you can follow up and prompt reasons for giving a specific score.

Use URLs for Capturing Public Opinions and Calculating NPS with SMS

URLs can play a vital role in collecting and calculating Net promoter scores. You can initiate a Survey by sending a ‘Thankyou’ message to your new customers after purchase and embedding a URL redirecting to a Survey form.

Further, link tracking helps you track the click-through of the URL sent and request the one who didn’t click the URL to fill up a Survey.

Sample text 1

Thank you for ordering food with Food Plaza. Your feedback is important to us. Kindly fill up a to-minutes Survey to help us serve you better.

Opt for No-code DIY Dynamic Surveys or Chatbot to Calculate NPS with SMS

With no-code configurable automation, it becomes easy for you can reap the benefits of DIY configurable Chatbots, Surveys, and questionnaires and configure them on your own. You can create and send text Surveys to your existing and new customers and identify problematic areas based on their ratings. 

You can send Surveys manually or automatically by specifying keywords that will trigger a Survey in the case of any of the specified incoming keywords in a text. While creating Surveys, configure a series of question and answer choices. Further, you can assign a different question to go out with each expected answer choice.

For example:

Sample text 2

Hi Alex,

How was your ordering experience with Food mart? Text a number between 0-10 at 23234 and rate your experience between 1-10, where 10 is the highest.


For users texting between 1-5, you can trigger another text prompting the reason for low ratings, like:

Sample text 3

For better services, kindly help us know the reason for the given score 

  • Customer Service
  • Delivery 
  • Food Taste
  • Pricing
  • Other


Say, a customer replies, option 1- Customer service. You can trigger another question like:

Sample text 4

What you didn’t like about our customer service?

  • Agent’s behavior
  • Unsatisfactory response
  • Late response


This is how you can create further nested questions and collect essential data to calculate NPS.

Improve Responses with Text Surveys and Questionnaires

Collecting the customer’s opinions without proper tools is a strenuous task. Texts serve as the fastest and scalable tool to reach millions within a few minutes. So, with the SMS channel, organizations can connect with customers right on their hand-held devices and calculate NPS with SMS by collecting data using text Surveys. More importantly, if firms opt for SMS Surveys, people are more likely to respond because they can interact over the most familiar and convenient chatting interface.

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