Response Assignment

Tired of Assigning Responses? Here’s How to Manage Responses Effectively

Every business has a process to manage incoming business leads, whether it’s coming through a text or call. And to handle every customer effectively, there are Salesforce record owners who look after the customer’s account and assist them whenever is required to improve their experiences. The faster record owners take over the conversations with business leads, the better it is for conversions. This is why the response assignment and management process should be quick and convenient to avoid the long-drawn assignment process.

How to Manage Responses Faster?

What Makes the Response Assignment Process more Time-consuming

Response assignment processes that are entirely manual and require employee intervention for the lead assignment consume more time.

Organizations blast Salesforce SMS for various purposes, it could be marketing, promoting new products, educating customers, etc. But when customers respond, it goes directly to the agent who has sent it. And as the next step, the agents have to assign leads manually to the lead owners, which extends the time frame of the process.

How to Speed up Response Assignment and Management

Automate Response Assignment Process

One of the best ways to speed up any business process is Automation. There can be various ways to automate texts and trigger actions.

One of the ways to use automation is for the response assignment. This would help agents to cut back on time investment and get rid of manual processes. Native texting solution,360 SMS, allows agents to relate incoming responses to the record owner. 

It doesn’t matter whether an admin is sending bulk messages or a marketing professional. All incoming responses are redirected automatically to the related lead owner as customers respond. Even if agents do not want to direct incoming responses to the record owners, they can do this also and send all inbound replies to the last sender of text messages. This way, agents can prevent themselves from handing off every response manually. Also, this frees up their time and allows agents to do other crucial tasks.

Respond Directly from Email Inbox for Faster Responses

Even an additional step while responding to customers can lead to delayed responses. Generally, when an agent receives an incoming SMS notification email, an individual has to switch to the SMS channel to respond. 

But Email to SMS is a unique capability that allows users to send  SMS reply by responding directly to the SMS notification email. This helps users skip an additional step of switching to the SMS channel and reply faster than ever. Also, this adds convenience to users and enriches them to reply directly from the email notification.

Let Right Lead Owner Manage Responses Right Away and Maximize Conversions

The way any organizations assign and manage responses can make a world of difference in the interaction process. On the one hand, Email to SMS capability adds convenience to agents and allows them to respond to incoming texts faster. On the other hand, the automatic lead assignment process enables agents to shed off their workload by skipping the step of assigning leads manually and handover leads immediately so that the sales team can start working on them right away. Overall, Sales agents can work at great ease and drive more conversions by engaging with leads without delay.

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