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How To Strategize SMS Marketing Campaign For 2019?

Mobile has become a part of everyone’s daily life. Either it’s the US, Australia or India. People always travel with their phone. Not just that people are more available on phone calls and messages instead of meeting personally. Business Leaders taking mobile as the future of marketing in the upcoming years. According to a survey, people open their phones more than 80 times a day, because of this SMS Marketing is becoming more important for any brand promotion or marketing campaign.

Strategizing SMS Campaign for 2019:

For making SMS Marketing more compatible, and getting high conversion rate we need to pre-strategize according to 2019. With the latest technologies and functionalities, SMS marketing needs to be updated. We have researched and taken out 5 points which will help you to pre-plan or pre-strategize your SMS Marketing.

Here are the 5 tips to strategize the SMS Marketing Campaign:

  1. Specialized SMS Marketing Team: to begin with, planning for an SMS Marketing campaign, you need to create a well-specialized marketing team who can conduct research on keywords, timing, SMS sending software, etc. SMS Marketing will only be pre-planned if we have the right employees to handle the campaign. Even they should be aware of analyzing the SMS report after sending it, which is the base of any SMS campaign.


  1. Target Audience segmenting: before going live on any campaign either it’s an email marketing or social media marketing campaign, we need to segment the target audience according to the place they belong to. This will help you to determine the timing and language of SMS. This needs to be done before going through an SMS Campaign as it helps to make the SMS more personalized based on the language and region of Target Audience.


  1. Testing and scheduling: Always test the SMS campaign before going live, this will help to relate the message with the customer. While doing testing, you should follow some criteria like checking the spellings, checking whether the links are working or not, is the message is coming in one way or taking too long to be delivered, etc. Also, you can schedule or automate messages by using the latest SMS Apps and software. You should be pre-ready with the timing according to the region you are sending. If you are a Salesforce organization, 360 SMS App can be the best choice for you as it comes with all the latest Salesforce functionalities including link tracking, bulk SMS, etc.


  1. Validate the phone numbers: before sending messages, keep in mind to validate the numbers. As it generally happens that out of 100 Marketing contacts 30 are invalid. Which will be negative for a campaign. So always go for pre-validation of Contacts.


  1. Call for Action: you should always be ready with the call for action. Will pre-planning for an SMS Campaign, you should be ready with the content as well as Call for action to be included in the SMS. Sometimes companies send their messages without any call for action that is just a waste of time as well as SMS credit. So while planning any SMS Campaign, let be ready with the content and Call for action.