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Salesforce SMS CampaignAre your Texting Campaigns Underperforming? These Salesforce SMS Campaigns Can Change the Game for You

Are you running SMS campaigns for your business but not seeing the results you were hoping for? It can be frustrating when your hard work doesn’t pay off. 

But don’t worry; there’s hope! 

Several factors often fail to pull the attention of marketers, or sometimes they miss thinking in the direction that can implicitly affect an SMS campaign’s success.

This blog post will discuss how the right capabilities for running Salesforce SMS campaigns can completely change the game for you. 

With their powerful tools and features, you’ll be able to create targeted and effective SMS campaigns that will drive engagement, boost conversions, and ultimately help you grow your business. 

More importantly, you can weed out factors leading to underperforming SMS campaigns. 

So if you’re ready to take your texting campaigns to the next level, keep reading!

Aspects to Consider to Improve Underperforming Salesforce SMS Campaign

Opt for Multi-Channel Targeting through a Single Campaign

These days, customers are present on various communication channels. 

It is a matter of concern which channel to choose to communicate with your audiences or which channels they prefer most.  

This is unpredictable.

So if you are targeting customers over a single communication channel while running a Salesforce text campaign, this is one of the major reasons for underperforming campaigns. It limits your ability to reach and engage with your audience. 

Undoubtedly, texting from Salesforce allows you to reach customers over their hand-held devices. However, relying solely on SMS is not a good idea when you focus on improving texting campaigns’ efficacy because there could be a segment of users who prefer and are comfortable using channels other than SMS. 

This makes it difficult to drive responses from such customers.

For example, if a prospect or customer is more comfortable using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, reaching them through SMS won’t help and will hamper your campaign returns.

So, if you are not reaching out to your potential customers over their preferred channel, surely you are missing out on many business opportunities.

Follow a multi-channel campaign approach to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns and enhance texting in Salesforce. This way, you can connect with a user base of different channels and drive more responses.

Segment Audiences before Running a Campaign

As every customer’s journey is different, segmenting your audiences to run targeted SMS marketing campaigns is essential.  if you are not targeting well through your campaigns,  you might end up sending messages to the wrong audiences at inappropriate times, which could lead to a low engagement rate and opt-outs. 

Segment your customers based on their interests and need to drive better results out of your SMS campaigns. Then create Salesforce text messages by personalizing them so that messages seem more relevant to them. This way, you can run more tailored campaigns, improving your Salesforce messaging.

Personalize Every Text You Send as a Part of the Campaign

Generic messages that lack personalization are unlikely to resonate with your audience. Your customers want to feel like they are being spoken to directly, not just receiving a mass message.

Use customer data to personalize your SMS messages. Address your customers by name, use their purchase history to recommend products they might like, and send them personalized offers that align with their preferences. This personal touch will make your Salesforce messaging more engaging.

Consider Frequency and Timing of Salesforce SMS Campaign Messages

Too many or too few messages, as well as messages sent at the wrong time, can also impact the effectiveness of your Salesforce SMS campaign. You need to strike a balance between being present and being overwhelmed.

Test different sending frequencies and timings to determine what works best for your audience.

According to the G2 report–  Regarding the best time to send SMS marketing messages, within 30 minutes of waking up, 75% of customers admitted that they check their phones.

Use data to determine when your customers will most likely be engaged and send messages at those times. Even if you’re scheduling Salesforce text messages in bulk, the texts shouldn’t go out at an inappropriate time, like at night.

Improve Text Value Proposition 

The value proposition of Salesforce text messages scheduled for a campaign plays a vital role in campaign success. If the value proposition is low, prospects and customers are less likely to engage.

Conversely, messages with a high-value proposition tend to engage customers more and secure responses.

Therefore,  always focus on providing something valuable to your customers, whether an irresistible offer, exclusive discount, etc. This will help capture your recipient’s attention and incentivize customers to act.

Pay Heed to User Experience

The user experience also matters when it comes to Salesforce SMS campaigns. Campaigns delivering an unsatisfactory, confusing, and unpleasant customer experience are more likely to fail to produce good results. Hence, delivering seamless, user-friendly, and pleasant experiences through your campaigns should be your priority. 

Always create campaign messages that are easy to understand, contain a clear call to action, and are relevant to your customer’s journey. 

If you’re redirecting your users to a specific landing page through messages, pages should be optimized for mobile. This will help you with better engagement and conversions.

Reconsider the Way you Run Salesforce SMS Campaign and See Returns Changing Drastically 

You reap better results when you know the right ways to do something. So if you know the right ways to optimize Salesforce SMS campaigns, you can reap better returns. By following the aspects that we discussed in the blog, you can capture the audience’s attention and drive more responses and conversions. 

Overall, you can prepare your SMS campaigns to perform better and get good results. Further, you can track and keep an eye on the performance of your campaigns so that you can tweak your campaigns for better outcomes. For advanced campaign management capabilities, contact our experts at or click here to contact us.