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Link Tracking in 360 SMS App: Serve ‘self-help’ & Get Metrics to Test Engagement 

Link Opens, Click-throughs, Delivery Reports, Click times, & more

Those competing for digital attention for the tiny, contested spaces will tell you it isn’t easy to pull user attention towards a particular product or service. It’s why there are entire industries around this. Oftentimes, you may need to connect and engage with users personally through texts. Equally understandable is the need you may feel to pull visitors to a particular webpage and give them vital information.

Then, for varied purposes, organizations need to push forms for administrative tasks like registration & feedback, service, or case-resolution by sending knowledge articles or straightforward promotions. 

With Link Tracking, the 360 SMS app brings businesses time-stamped engagement numbers for analytics over their URLs.

Measure Click-through frequency, Find out what works

The name should be a dead-give-away. This feature does exactly, what it says on the tin, and more. 

As you send links embedded in the texts to your users, the moment links get clicked, you can track them. This lets you figure out the number of clicks made on a specific link without little effort. In the 360SMS interface, under the Conversation View chat window, users can easily spot a red notification badge number (a number in a red circle) over any link you send through SMS. 

Initially, the badge reads 0, which means it hasn’t been clicked. Staying at zero for a long time could also tell you something about the way the recipient uses its device. 

With subsequent clicks, the number increases to 1,2, and so on. Clicking, open the badge number and pulls up a ‘Details’ with all the other details like when a recipient made the first and last click. This acts as a good indicator of when the last interaction with the link took place and how soon the recipient clicked on the link after receiving it.

Be less suspicious-Use short, on-brand links to inspire trust in URLs

Link tracking addresses another allied text marketing concern for links – link shortening. 

In their original form, URLs are unsightly hideous things – you’ve seen them, random numbers that run several characters long. The app’s link shortening feature helps you work around character limits which usually play spoilsport when you paste longer links.

360 SMS app’s link tracking feature allows you to steer clear of these issues. And because you embed any link in a message through the 360 SMS app, the link gets shortened automatically, preventing your character limits from being exhausted. Shortened links can also be made on-brand to inspire confidence and assure recipients that the links aren’t malicious.

Send & Track Multiple Links Simultaneously, 

Test your content & offerings faster

Finally, to save user and representative time when pushing URLs, you could paste as many as you want over a single message, and the link-tracking badge would still track them individually. This also lets you test out which links generate and draw the most interest to themselves. This way, you can check what works and what doesn’t.

Together, Link tracking and URLs in texts make for some unique marketing abilities.