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Everything you Need to Know about Free to End User (FTEU) Shortcode

Choosing the right application number or phone number is equally important as choosing the right SMS app or SMS service provider. The ultimate aim of using text messages is to increase responses or to improve brand recognition. Thus, it becomes vital for businesses to consider various application numbers like FTEU and choose the right one depending on the use case. Every type of phone number comes with its unique benefits like per second speed, SMS volume handling capacity, one-way or two-way messaging support, etc. So, different types of phone numbers can be used for various purposes like marketing, promotions, polling, sending alerts, and many more.

Types of Application Numbers

There can be three types of applications numbers. These are 

  • Long code
  • Shortcode
  • Custom Sender ID

What is FTEU?

FTEU is a type of Shortcode and stands for Free to End User. As the name signifies, it is free for end-users. If users use FTEU for sending text messages, audiences can reply free of cost. This encourages audiences to respond without worrying about the SMS charges. 

In the US and Canada, end-users pay for sending and receiving messages-both on their mobile phones unless end users do not have an unlimited SMS plan. FTEU is the most common term in the US and Canada. So, if users send Salesforce messages using FTEU numbers, end users can receive them free of cost. The sender of FTEU messages pays the sending and the receiving charge instead of the end-user.

For example, You might have seen reality shows prompting audiences to vote for their favorite contestants on a number. These shortcodes are generally FTEU to attract maximum votes from audiences.

Being a type of Shortcode, FTEU brings all the benefits of a shortcode.

Benefits of Shortcode

  • A Shortcode can be a 5-8 digit long number. This makes Shortcode the best pick for branding as it is easy to remember due to its short length.
  • Shortcode support two-way messaging, which means users can send text messages to audiences and receive replies from them.
  • Using Shortcodes, users can scale messages faster as they can send 200 messages per second. 
  • Using shortcodes, users can send text messages to millions without being marked as spam. This is because Shortcodes are pre-approved by carriers for sending messages in bulk. Also, Shortcodes are not subjected to SMS carrier filtering.
  • Shortcodes are of three types. These are Random, Vanity, and FTEU.
  • Random shortcodes are randomly picked numbers, whereas Vanity shortcodes are the customer’s choice numbers, or we can say the numbers a client specifically asks for.

Use FTEU to Eliminate SMS Charges for Prospects and Maximize Responses

Being a type of Shortcode, users can send high-volume FTEU messages without being marked as spam. Thus, users can effortlessly improve their business outreach. The best part of using FTEU numbers is users can reply free of cost. This could help businesses to maximize responses from customers and conversions. More importantly, users can count on FTEU messaging for better returns from SMS campaigns as end-users are more likely to respond when no messaging cost is involved. 

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