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SMS and MMS: Together

MMS-SMS Winning Combinations for Faster Customer Service & Fulfillment

A key ingredient driving success to any business is customer satisfaction and unique experiences with a particular firm. Good experiences last in customer’s memories and automatically turn them into loyal customers. In this concern, MMS serves as a perfect means to complement text messages and render upgraded experience to users.

MMS As An Experience 

It’s not always the quality of products and services that comprehend customers. Sometimes it takes much more beyond that to keep engaging with prospects and earn their loyalty. When it comes to exploring new facets of customer services, MMS holds everything to provide a rich experience and retain customers.

Thus, with a futuristic approach, Salesforce has embedded the power of multimedia messaging in its native texting solution to attract users through the power of visuals.

Let’s find out how MMS, along with text, can prove to be the best bet across multiple industries to redefine conventional customer-service methods.

Use Visuals to Leave an Impact, Build Relationships 

Words are not merely the means to express feelings and gratitude towards customers. On many occasions, visuals are more impactful than words. Thus, where SMS is not a case-appropriate solution to connect with customers, MMS can be the perfect fit to make your efforts worthwhile. 

Through 360 SMS App’s MMS functionality, wish your customer by sending wishes in the form of enticing images or Gifs on their special days like Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Festivals. Not only does this help to nurture owner-customer relationships but to value them uniquely.

Use MMS to Ensure Female Client Safety

No matter whether it is a pandemic or a non-pandemic situation, visits of technicians and service providers at home either for repairing or other services have always been in the picture. 

Thus, the female client’s safety has always been a burning issue when it comes to strangers’ home visits. With an innovative approach to ensure women’s safety, while sending booking confirmation or reminder messages, one can drop a picture of the technician who is about to visit, using the MMS feature. This way, you can help your female clients to be sure about the attendant’s appearance and stay safe.

Show Off New Products 

The importance of pictures or images is hard to replace with words. Consequently, when there’s a need for a visual appeal, the usage of words can’t solve the purpose. The launch of a new product can be one of the greatest achievements for any business venture and to make the product’s first impression more impactful is also the responsibility of the marketing team. Therefore, not to miss the chance, 360 SMS App’s MMS feature can accommodate you with a unique marketing method.

When you are sending product descriptions through SMS, you can use MMS to send product images as well. Or you can use a small video, or gif to make product descriptions more catchy and appealing. 

Combine Mediums, Serve Unprecedented Value

To make simple messages more enticing users can add a visual appeal to their texts and make them more meaningful.

Innovative use of MMS across verticals has made it feasible for firms to take customer experiences to the next level. Also, they can engage with customers in unprecedented ways. So, rather than being limited to words to interact, businesses can interact with users through rich media.