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Ultimate Salesforce MMS integrationThe Ultimate Salesforce MMS Integration

Nowadays, several options are available for businesses to communicate with audiences and build relationships.

Business ventures only have to choose the right channel to present the content in the best form and make it more effective.

Salesforce MMS is one of the most untapped communication channels that can make a noticeable difference in business interactions and customer responses.

With MMS, firms can innovate their interactions with their audiences, adding a visual appeal to simple and plain Salesforce text messages.

This could also help firms capture the immediate attention of the customers and stand out from the crowd.

So, here’s an ultimate Salesforce MMS integration that can transform your business communications.

What does an Ordinary Salesforce MMS Integration look like?

SMS and MMS are two related concepts. When you send simple and plain text that contains only words and no attached file, it is called SMS.

On the flip side, when you add any attachment to an SMS like an audio file, video file, gif, pdf file, etc., it becomes a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

So when you choose Salesforce SMS API integration, it lets you send and receive text messages and provide other basic capabilities like bulk messaging, automated messaging, etc.

Similarly, regular MMS API integrations allow you to send and receive multimedia files. Also, you can perform other basic operations like bulk and automated multimedia messaging.

MMS API integration provides you with limited capabilities to perform multimedia operations.  

Besides, the integration process is a bit time-consuming and complex as coding work is involved, and nothing is pre-built.

On top of that, if you need any additional capability to meet the requirements of a specific business use case, there’s always a dependency on developers, which increases your business expenses. 

The Ultimate Salesforce MMS Integration

The ultimate way for Salesforce MMS integration is to integrate the 360 SMS app from AppExchange.

And the best part is not only users get MMS for multimedia messaging but 10 other pre-built channels to improve business communications. 

  • Integration Process is Swift 

Without any need for complex coding work, you can integrate 360 SMS. This barely takes less than 10 minutes.

Thus, you get quick MMS integration that reduces your wait time and allows you to get started with multimedia messaging in no time.

  • Wide Range of Pre-Built Capabilities

360 SMS app integration for MMS provides you with much beyond an ordinary Salesforce MMS integration.

You get a complete feature set along with enormous advanced capabilities that are enough to meet the specific business use-case requirements.

Also, the chances are less that you have to invest in additional capabilities.

  • Scalable Visual Communications

With 360 SMS integration, you can connect with millions in one go without any governor limits.

This way, you can take your business communications to the next level by adding new dimensions to promotions.

  • Compliant Multimedia Texting

With an ultimate Salesforce MMS integration, you can manage compliances the way you want and send multimedia messages compliantly.

You can opt-in or opt-out customers selectively by department, number, channel, content type, etc.

Further, you can add the custom field to manage opt-in or opt-out when any new compliance comes your way.

This makes your business future ready to handle any compliance requirement.

  • One-on-One Messaging

You can get into media-rich one-on-one messaging to assist your customers better.

More importantly, you can access past conversations also to pick up conversations from where the customers left them last.

Play with Visuals using MMS and Change your Brand Perception

No matter whether you’re using MMS for regular interactions with audiences or brand marketing, it helps your brand shine. With 360 SMS Salesforce MMS integrations, you get countless pre-built capabilities, and you do not need to build things from scratch. This eliminates your dependency on developers for trivial changes, saves your time, and makes the entire process cost-effective. You can conveniently exchange files like jpegs, png files, gifs, mp3s, pdfs, and mp4s.

To know more about how 360 SMS Makes it easier to manage MMS operations, turn to our experts at or contact us here.