Salesforce SMS Service

Reasons Why One Must Opt For Salesforce SMS Service

Salesforce is referred to as World’s number 1 CRM platform that can help your business reach to greater heights. Imagine the power of texting solutions integrated with Salesforce. It can create milestones if these two powerful concepts are merged. There is also a solution for the same. Salesforce offers a wide variety of SMS Apps which are available on the AppExchange platform. SMS Service through Salesforce is one of the greatest innovations available to the enterprises today in the technology-driven era. When the email marketing campaigns have already saturated the market, coming up with something so useful isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

Salesforce SMS Service: The Need of the Hour

In the present era where everybody is bound to technology at some of the other points in their life, one cannot even imagine doing a simple task without the help of it. Here are the following reasons mentioned which prove that sending SMS via Salesforce is the best possible thing you can do to measure and analyze the growth in your business-

  • Cost-effectiveness- Sending text messages via Salesforce cuts your cost and can even save your many bucks. On the other hand, sending emails is rather more costly. In this way, you can reach out to a wider audience at low-cost rates.
  • Higher Open Rates- SMS has comparatively higher open rates than any other marketing channels. Studies have shown that text messages have over 97% open-rate that too, within the first five minutes only.
  • Easy Way of Marketing- With people having cellphones in their hands almost every hour of the day, this can be the best medium to reach out to the people. Now the people have become tech-savvy and this can be an opportunity to grab Salesforce SMS Service as the easiest way of marketing.
  • No Dependency on the Internet- This is the major factor highlighting that SMS does not depend upon any other mediums to get through. Unlike emails or social media which require the help of the internet to navigate through, text messages are self-sufficient and are easily accessible anytime, anywhere, with or without the use of the internet as they work with the in-built SMS Apps in smartphones.
  • Keeping it Short and Simple- As much shorter and simpler you keep the message, the higher the chances are of your message being acted upon. Especially keeping the character limit in mind is necessary when you are being charged for every single character. Your customers will thank you for sending short messages and hence, saving their time.

On a concluding note, it can be concluded that text messages play a vital role in the marketing terms. Hence, if you are planning to attract a wider audience along with being very clear with them, you must be opting for a method that is suitable for your business as per its own needs and requirements. With opting SMS as your marketing method by using Salesforce SMS service, you can set your goals higher along with working as a multi-tasker and let your automation-triggered app work for you while you work on converting the leads!