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Texting app on AppExchangeSeizing Opportunities Handling Every Text Effectively

When you use text messages prudently for business communications, you can create countless business opportunities. On the contrary, when you mishandle text messages,  it can cost you the loss of many business opportunities and hamper your brand reputation.

And these different approaches to managing business text messages can make a world of difference in your revenue and business growth graph.

That’s the reason it is crucial for businesses to prioritize and handle every incoming message effectively to seize the opportunity right away. 

However, mismanagement of text messages does not always lead to loss of opportunities and a bad brand reputation. Even the texting capabilities you use in Salesforce are of great significance when it comes to managing incoming SMSes in the best manner. 

In this blog, we will find out what kind of Salesforce SMS marketing features can help you to make the best out of SMS in Salesforce marketing for your business. We will also discuss what kind of capabilities you should focus on for effective management of Salesforce text messages.

But before discussing the solution, it is important to talk about the problems. So, let’s get started with how you can lose business opportunities due to mismanagement of Salesforce text messages.

What Causes You to Loss Business Opportunities while Managing SMS in Salesforce Marketing?

There are several aspects that can lead to the mishandling of text messages in a business, and opportunities can slip through your fingers.

Delay in Replies from a Business

Every incoming text could be a carrier of a new business opportunity for you. So, you should handle every incoming text in the best manner in the best manner to convert it into a lead. The very first move one can make to handle text messages in the best manner is to respond immediately or faster.

Failing to respond promptly to incoming messages can lead to missed opportunities. 

When prospects don’t receive fast responses from a brand, they are more likely to switch to other brands, which is a loss of opportunity for your business. 

Customers expect swift replies, and delayed responses may result in lost sales, inquiries, or partnership opportunities.

Failure to Prioritize Incoming Messages

Prioritization of incoming messages is another factor to consider. You should prioritize messages based on how long ago a message was received.

By prioritizing messages, you can respond to every incoming text and ensure that no message is left untouched for a long time. Inefficient message management can result in valuable leads getting lost in the shuffle. 

Whether you get responses to Salesforce SMS marketing messages or generic incoming inquiries, quick response to messages is always required. 

Failing to identify and prioritize high-potential prospects can mean missed opportunities for conversion.

Inability to Address Inquiries After Business Hours 

You cannot always expect incoming inquiries during business hours because, many times, people prefer to explore websites, best business offerings, etc. in their free time 

This makes it crucial for you to be available around the clock to handle incoming inquiries. 

According to Freshworks, 24/7 availability from companies is wanted by 51% of customers.

Failing to provide this can result in missed opportunities. Implementing a system for handling inquiries during off-hours, such as automated responses or routing to on-call staff, can prevent this issue.

Lack of Personalization for SMS in Salesforce marketing

As one size doesn’t fit all, you cannot reply to a generic message to work for all and produce great results. If a prospect or customer has already approached you before, a lack of personalization in messages doesn’t leave a good impression on customers.

Generic or automated responses that don’t address customers with their first or last name or their specific needs or queries can lead to dissatisfaction and lost opportunities. 

According to McKinsey, 71% of clients expect personalized communications from firms.

This is why it is important to look for an SMS app on AppExchange that helps you personalize messages at scale.

Personalizing responses based on the customer’s history or preferences can enhance the customer experience and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Inconsistent Experience across Different Channels

In an era where multichannel communication is one of the top priorities for businesses, you can’t afford to fall behind in this aspect. These days, customers are present on multiple channels. Therefore, you can expect them to reach you over different platforms.

Thus, you should ensure to deliver a consistent experience across all channels, no matter which popular channel they choose to contact you. This way, you can ensure a seamless customer experience that lasts in the minds of your prospects and customers. And you can generate new opportunities for business too.

Improving Text Handling with the Right SMS App on Appexchange 

Ability to Identify Newer and Older Messages

When an unread message is left unattended for a long time, it hits hard in the minds of the users and compels them to respond faster without delay. For this kind of impact,  it is essential to identify newer and older messages at a glance. With an advanced texting solution, you can assign color codes to identify the difference in hours or days between each unread message and prioritize messages.

Chatbot Configurability without Coding and Standard Salesforce Automation

Deploying and maintaining a Chatbot may be a costly affair for some businesses. That’s why no code chatbot is the right choice to render support services after business hours and respond immediately, even during the night time. Plus, using the standard Salesforce automation capabilities, you can configure criteria to respond instantly to incoming messages and seize every opportunity.

Availability of Multiple Popular Channels in One App

For the delivery of consistent experience across all communication channels, a multi-channel communication app would hit the spot. By integrating a texting app with multiple channels in Salesforce, you can get access to centralized data, and you can stay connected across different channels, delivering a consistent experience. An additional benefit of a multi-channel app is you don’t need separate integration for different channels, which helps you reduce business investments.

Merge Fields Support for SMS in Salesforce Marketing

The ‘Merge field’ support is the most effective capability when it comes to personalized messaging.  Using this capability, you can create SMS templates in advance, adding a ‘Merge field’ for the most common inquiries and concerns. When required, you can use them to send personalized responses faster. 

Increasing Efficacy of SMS in Salesforce Marketing

Every text message needs proper attention and treatment to generate a lead out of them. Failing to do so can lead to missed opportunities and slow business growth. Quick responsiveness,  personalized text messaging, and round-the-clock support to address incoming messages 24/7- all these aspects contribute to the effective handling of SMS in Salesforce marketing and messaging. With the right capabilities (which you can easily get by choosing the right texting app on AppExchange) everything becomes easier as you have everything you need to manage salesforce messages. Interested in knowing about more capabilities for effective messaging in Salesforce? Turn to our experts at or click here to contact us.

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