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SMS Carrier Regulations

Major Carrier Regulations and SMS Compliance

Text messages provide the easiest way to communicate with audiences without investing much time. Organizations can send SMS from Salesforce to millions and effortlessly maximize returns with the help of laser-focused text campaigns. But the inappropriate use of Salesforce SMS gateway can also lead to heavy fines. This is why it is vital to stay compliant with SMS carrier regulations while using Salesforce SMS messaging. This way, not only you can maximize returns from Salesforce SMS service but save yourself from heavy penalties.

You might be thinking about how to send messages from Salesforce without Salesforce’s default SMS sending capability.

The answer to this concern is the AppExchange apps. You can extend the capability of your Salesforce instance by installing a Salesforce native SMS app and start sending SMS via Salesforce.

Factors to Stay Compliant with SMS & Carrier Regulations while using Salesforce SMS App

SMS Compliance

Express Written Consent

Just because you have the contact numbers of your leads and contacts, you cannot use them for sending text messages to them. So it is a must to have express written consent before sending any marketing text message.

More importantly, prospects must sign up or subscribe voluntarily, knowing what they’re signing up for. So never try to obtain the customer’s consent by misleading them or not letting them know the intent clearly. Even for sending out informational messages, it is mandatory to get the customer’s consent.

Compliant CTA

While sending texts to increase opt-in, there are many things that you should talk about explicitly. If you would be sending automated text messages, mention this information in the CTA.

Further, let your customers know about what information they’ll be receiving through texts going forward, the messaging frequency, any charges that customers have to pay, and of course, easy ways to opt-out anytime. This would help you prevent text messages from being marked as spam.

Confirmation text

Once your customers have opted in, it’s important to send a confirmation message before sending out any other SMS from Salesforce.

Do not forget to include relevant information like brand name, messaging frequency, SMS or data rates if applicable, and opt-out ways. This way, you can stay compliant whenever you send SMS using Salesforce.

SHAFT topics

SHAFT stands for Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco. These are the topics that you should steer clear of while sending SMS. If you’re adding any of these topics in your SMS or CTA, then this is the biggest violation of the SMS carrier regulations.

But as an exception, if you’re a bar owner, you can send SMSes about Happy Hours and new offers.

Carrier Regulations

Sender ID selection

Carriers offer different types of sender ID for different types of text messaging like transactional, promotional, etc. So, you cannot any sender ID meant for a specific purpose.

For example, 

The sender ID should contain nine alphanumeric characters and must be in the format XY-ZZZZZZ for transactional SMS. On the contrary, an organization can use the alphanumeric identifier in the format XY-RZZZZZ for promotional messages.

Thus, ensure that you’re using the correct sender ID format to stay compliant with carrier regulations.

Text Message Content

Carrier uses the filter to stop the delivery of messages which show spam-type behaviors in text content. This includes repetitive content in text messages, usage of the same URLs in SMS, shortened URLs, the large volume of texts going out in one go, etc. So be versatile with your text content and optimize texts to avoid spam or carrier filters.

Volume of text

The large volume of messages and frequent messaging can end up your messages going into spam. As a result, carriers can also block you from sending any text messages in the future.

So do not bombard people with constant messaging. It’s always good to have quality over quantity. Else, it could irate customers too. This could further lead to increased opt-out and less engagement rate.

Avoid Risk of Penalties & Maximize Returns

SMS and carrier regulations intend to ensure data safety and protect the privacy of the customers. So violations of such regulation can cost you heavy penalties. Also, instead of earning profits, you can end up bearing heavy losses. Thus, by being compliant, you can easily maximize your returns, making the best out of SMS and avoid legal actions and disputes.

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